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Published:June 19th, 2009 12:02 EST
Top Ten Unique & Sincerely Appreciated Father`s Day Gifts!

Top Ten Unique & Sincerely Appreciated Father`s Day Gifts!

By Rocco Loosbrock

The truth is, Father`s Day is already upon us and so many of us are so busy just trying to get through the work week, we still haven`t been able to break away and put any thought into shopping for the perfect, meaningful gift that dad will truly love, actually use and sincerely be thankful for.

Allow us to help you with a list of our "Top Ten Suggestions for Unique & Sincerely Appreciated Father`s Day Gifts." We`ve already scanned the stores and the internet, read the expert reviews and most importantly, actually talked to a bunch of REAL DADS to see what it is that they truly want.

Then we went the extra mile to provide you with a link where you can quickly get your gifts at the very lowest prices possible, right there in the comfort and privacy of your own computer, how awesome and easy is that?

JVC Everio GZ-MS120 Digital Camcorder:

The fact is it`s rare to be able to find a great camcorder for less than $500.00 but we were able to do so for you! It`s the very latest from JVC, the "Everio handheld camcorder" and it not only fits the bill, but it also fits right into Dad`s hand. This camcorder provides dad with pretty great video quality for its class, flash memory, a 35x optical zoom, as well as a traditional digital camcorder profile. Price: $300.00

Bacon Freak`s Boss Hog Sampler Deluxe - Fathers Day Edition
 This is Bacon Freaks answer to the perfect Fathers Day Gift! This Gift Box includes some of Boss Hog`s favorites to make the perfect Fathers Day Breakfast. You Get 2 pound of famous Boss Hog Bacon ( Hickory Smoked & Honey BBQ Bacon), 1 Pound of Boss Hogs Sausage, and 1 Pound of Boss Hogs Ham (center sliced), 2 bags of Boss Hog`s Maple Bacon Pancakes (made with real bacon and maple chunks) Boss Hog`s Bacon Seasoning, Gourmet Jelly and of course the very finest coffee! Price: $99.95 (Shipping Included)

Dell`s G2410 24 in. Desktop Monitor:

OK, Some Dads may not exactly be 100% hip to the latest electronic trends and may well be using the same old clunky, heavy monitor that he got back in 1985. Meanwhile, other Dads are completely into enjoying their computer and keeping up with all of the very latest technological improvements. Either way, Dad`s eyes will certainly light up and see the computer screen a heck of a lot better with this bright, new monitor. Price: $300.00

The Coastal Vineyards` Royal Treatment Gift Basket:

The ultimate Gift Basket option, "The Royal Treatment" is designed to brighten the eyes and widen the smile of even the most discriminating and experienced aficionado. Your Dad will receive 2 of our finest "hand picked" bottles from our "Premium California Experience" cellar, as well as an exceptionally tasty choice from our world class "Bon Vivant" line.

Then, from the "Coastal Complimentaries" line, the wine is complimented with some of the most deliciously, aromatic coffee available on Planet Earth, a package of fresh, gourmet pasta, presented with an impressive, "critics Choice" pasta sauces. Then, in order to ensure an epicurean eating event of "Kingly / Queenly" quality, a bottle of premium boutique olive oil, a jar of appetizingly all natural and distinctly delicious "specialty olives" and a delectable selection of our "connoisseur`s choice" dipping oil is added. Price: $149.95 (Shipping Included)


Philips Norelco "Arcitec" Electric Shaver:

All Dads hate to shave, which is why Dad always looks the same scruffy and unkempt way on long weekends and vacations. But Here`s a shave that will definitely take some of the bite and burn out of shaving. Te Philips Norelco Arcitec Electric Shaver offers nearly 360 degrees of pivot, so no more shaving injuries looking to get that perfect, "barbershop like" close shave that he likes so much. Price: $200.00

6 Month Meat Sampler Club - Meat Candy!

What does Dad like better, award winning gourmet bacon, premium quality world class ham or savory and succulent specialty supreme sausage? Luckily with this monthly "Bacon Freak"` Gourmet Meat Sampler Club, you know longer have to worry about making that choice. Dad will enjoy the gift that keeps on giving while he experiences a well deserved "taste of the good life" with these delectably delicious, award winning, premium quality cuts of the finest and freshest meats in the world.

The gift includes: 3 totally different, uniquely distinct & delectably delicious packs of premium quality, gourmet, "Blue Ribbon Winning" sausage, bacon and Ham packages along with a fun, popular informative & highly valuable Monthly Newsletter with helpful hints, articles & Special "Members Only" discounts, above & beyond the normal regularly great prices! Price: $254.95 (Shipping Included)


Solaire Anywhere Infrared Portable Grill

We know "Hank Hill" would love it if his son Bobby thought of this little beauty, but That`s probably never going to happen. At least you thought of it for your Dad! Now Pop can fire up the grill with speed and ease, whether it`s for a back-yard barbecue or a pre-game tailgating party before a local sports event or a party at the park! Introducing the Solaire Anywhere Infrared Portable Grill, packing a whopping 14,000 BTUs in this marine-quality stainless steel shell that only weighs 20 pounds and can run on either a disposable propane bottle or a full 20 pound tank. Price: $360.00


Father`s Day Special "Swine & Wine" Gift Box

For a long time, Bacon Freak has been brining us the very best premium gourmet bacon while Coastal Vineyards has been providing us with the world`s finest, special production, boutique quality wines.

Now, together, they bring you the perfect Father`s Day gift called "Swine and Wine" consisting one of their most delectably delicious gourmet flavored bacon with the perfect matching wine, as determined by their associate expert chefs!

Your choice: (A) Paso Robles Cabernet with Bourbon Street Cajun Bacon! (B) Paso Robles Zinfandel with Rocco`s Private Reserve Pepper Bacon! (C) Paso Robles White Riesling with Bourbon Street Vanilla Bourbon Bacon!

All gifts include a Master Chef recipe for you main course of the meal. Price: $59.95 (Shipping Included)


Sony HT-CT100 Soundbar Home Theater System:

Dad simply can`t stand going to the movie theatre these days, with all the loud, impolite, unruly, rude people who talk during the feature and kick his seat, so it`s finally time to go ahead and just bring the sound of the movie theatre into Dad`s living room, where he can enjoy and not feel the need to stand up with his belt every 5 minutes to teach another Hooligan a lesson in proper public etiquette. Price: $260


Bacon Freak Gourmet Food Of The Month Club:

Hey, the truth of the matter is, nobody knows your Dad nearly as well as YOU do, so here is a phenomenal collection of several absolutely amazing "Monthly Gourmet Food & Wine Clubs" so that you can pick the perfect gift that exactly right for Dad, or buy him a GIFT CERTIFICATE and allow him to choose for himself!

Choose from any of the Following Monthly Clubs: Wine, Bacon, Steak, Lobster, Jams, Preserves, Jellies Olives, Sausage, Barbecue Sauce, Ribs, Ham, Salsa, Meat Samplers,  Olive Oil, just to name a few of the delightfully delicious monthly clubs available to Dad. Prices vary and right now, there are a lot of Father`s Day Special Savings being offered so check it out for yourself.

Signing off at Pigging out!
Rocco "Boss Hog" Loosbrock 


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Rocco owns and runs a Bacon of the Month Club called The Bacon Freak Bacon is Meat Candy Bacon Club as well as a Wine Club called the Coastal Vineyard Wine Club