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Published:September 28th, 2009 18:40 EST
  Meat Me In The Middle KC`s 2009 BaconFest!

Meat Me In The Middle KC`s 2009 BaconFest!

By Rocco Loosbrock

Meat " Me In The Middle " KC`s 2009 BaconFest!

Around these parts, BaconFest` is always as enthusiastically talked and dreamed about as emotionally and excitedly as most people talk and dream about the Holidays or their upcoming vacation. 

This year is no exception and everyone here at Bacon Freak knew that BaconFest 2009 was going to be a real humdinger, simply because it was going to be held in Kansa City, MO, home of some of the most outrageous barbecue grills and sauces in the entire country.

Clearly that perfection for pulled pork and pork ribs was going to translate quite nicely over to bacon, and we were absolutely certain that there would be a wide selection of brand new recipes being cooked up that combined the wonders of Kansas City BBQ and gourmet bacon.

We most certainly were NOT disappointed. But what makes this story so very unusual is the fact that the highly touted celebration of bacon, which has so often received a rather unfair rap and negative publicity campaign from the medical establishment, was now actually being promoted and utilized as the prominently featured resident hero " and veritable Belle Of The Ball " in order to raise much needed money and attention for a very prestigious Medical Institution.

That`s right, The Rehabilitation Institute of Kansas City used the promotion of this mega-event focused, exclusively on the world`s absolute adoration and enjoyment of consuming massive quantities bacon, as an effective way to make money for and draw attention to the needs of the RIKC and the thousands of people that it regularly helps annually.

The event was prominently featured in the cities largest newspaper, The Kansas City Star, both online and within the newspaper itself.

Guests were invited, at $30.00 a pop, to come enjoy live music a festival of fleshly fun, including musical performances by the band Bacon Shoe, " as well as a large number of "Bacon Demonstrations, " including a real live construction and consumption of the ever so popular Bacon Explosion! "

The visitors were treated to a full, sizzling day of  bacon-featured food items prepared by several of the local restaurants, including BLT sandwiches, bacon quiche, bacon burgers, pulled pork and of course, the famous collection of delightfully sweet and salty bacon cocktails, including the world famous Bacon Martini!

Wow, absolutely all the bacon you could ever possibly want and even dream of eating, and all excitedly and proudly brought to you in the name of and for the purpose of better health! " The winner of the bacon eating contest not only enjoyed to official crowning as the biggest pig of pig, but even got a commemorative T-shirt to remember the even for decades to come.

According to a Bacon Today regular by the name of Cody, who personally trekked over to the event to experience it for himself, At the fest we enjoyed Home-made, bacon infused vodka,  Bloody Mary`s, Maple Bacon Walnut Ice Cream, Molten chocolate Bacon Cake, Bacon Pizza, BLT`S, And to save the best for last, the Bacon Explosion "Brilliant! "

Cody ended his report by announcing that for his Birthday, he enjoyed some brown sugar coated bacon in a terrifically tempting tasty treat that he called Billionaire`s Bacon. " 

Now for those of you who were unable to attend, who missed out on that sensuously sweet and seductively salty maple bacon and would like to enjoy some Billionaire`s Bacon " already prepared for you, ready to cook up and devour, please feel free to check out our very own bacon Freak Gourmet Maple and Brown Sugar Cured Bacon which is available for your pleasure, ease and convenience online at our Bacon Freak and Bacon Shop.

BaconFest, even when celebrated in the privacy of your own home or out at a public park or party, is a wonderful opportunity to enjoy bacon like it was always meant to be enjoyed, enthusiastically and exuberantly!

Dig In and Pig Out!

Signing off at Pigging out!
Rocco "Boss Hog" Loosbrock 


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