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Published:December 1st, 2009 10:00 EST
Win a Nintendo Wii with Ramen Klub video drawing

Win a Nintendo Wii with Ramen Klub video drawing

By Rocco Loosbrock

Over the years, millions of people have desperately been looking for the perfect cure for, or even better yet, the best way to avoid a hangover, all together. Los Angeles based "Ramen Klub" has long understood that if carefully prepared in the proper, perfectly precise proportions, their premium quality, Korean Gourmet Ramen can actually help you to avoid a hangover or effectively help cure one that you currently are experiencing.

It turns out, just the right combination of vegetables, protein, carbohydrate rich noodles, broth, herbs and special seasonings all combine to say "No thanks" or "Goodbye" to those utterly agonizing and annoying "brain blasts" that blow up inside your head while out enjoying a night of revelry and celebration.

As if that`s not enough to put a smile back on your face, the Ramen Klub is prepared to give you even more reason to revel and celebrate. This year, during the holiday season, they have a fun-filled drawing prepared for those who are looking to avoid those "Happy Holiday Headaches and Hangovers."

Now, until Friday, December 18th, you have a chance to win your very own Nintendo Wii gaming system, simply for having some fun in the kitchen by playing chef and creating your very own, completely original and unique "How to make Ramen Video."

With the absence of those hangovers, you`re going to have a lot more clear headed inspiration to achieve ultimate, epicurean excellence, so don`t delay in getting with the program and having a truly great time enjoying so truly great meals, one of which could win you the Nintendo Wii gaming system of your dreams.

When you`ve finally perfected your style, simply write it out and then plan an interesting and entertaining video of you or someone of your choice, making the ramen while explaining the step by step directions to your video audience.

Post your video to You Tube and email the URL or LINK to your Ramen Recipe Video to the good folks over at the "Ramen Klub" and they will post your video to their website where all of your friends and family members can come check you and your Ramen video out!

The ramen video that is chosen by their distinguished panel of expert judges to be the best will lead to a Holiday gift that many can only hope to have. It`s the perfect way to truly enjoy a "well seasoned holiday" of the Holiday Season!

In order to enter drawing, all you need to do is:

(1) Purchase a box of "Ramen Klub" ramen from, where all the flavors are absolutely delicious!

(2) Only use Ramen Klub Packs, NOT the Bowls!

If there is any confusion or you simply aren`t sure which flavor and style you would like to try, the Ramen Klub has been so very kind and helpful as to create some of their most popular and most loved combo "KITS" for your ease and convenience.

These convenient combo kits are prominently posted in the upper, left hand side column on their Home Page.

(3) Here`s where all the fun begins! You then get the chance to get creative with your culinary consciousness and experiment around for awhile, until you come up with your very own, personally unique and completely original "Ramen Video" by creating the perfect blend of your favorite additional ingredients to add to the "Ramen Klub Pack" of your choice. 

(4) Then simply have a video made of you or someone of your choice, making your original "How to Make Ramen Video," while clearly presenting the entire list of "Ingredients Needed" as well as the "Complete Instructions" that must be followed in order to make your video, while clearly explaining the process and showing the viewers, "step by step" exactly how your "Ramen Video" is to be prepared.

(5) Be sure to clearly show the package in the video, with the front label clearly in views, as well as "clearly say," on a few different occasions, the name, flavor and style of the Ramen Klub Ramen that you are using as your base of your recipe.

(6) Finally, clearly say at the very end of the video, "Join the Ramen Klub, The frontline of good noodles!" and you are finished.

That`s it! It`s a wonderful opportunity to get creative, have some fun, be original and enjoy the entire epicurean experience as you go!

The management over at the Ramen Klub wants to remind you that in order to enter the "Best Ramen Klub Video Drawing" and have a chance to win the Nintendo Wii gaming system, you must:

(A) Post your "Ramen Video" at "your own personal account" at You Tube

(B) Include the words: "Ramen Klub," as well as "the name of your original ramen recipe," in the video`s TITLE.

(C) Include the keyword terms: "Ramen Klub," "" and "the name of your original ramen video," in the video`s DESCRIPTION.

(D) Include the keyword terms "Ramen Klub" and "the name of your original ramen video," in the video`s TAGS.

(E) Place the video in the CATEGORY selection: "How to" and "Style."

(F) Email the URL / Link to your You Tube video to us at:

(G) Submit your entry by no later than December 18th, 2009.

You don`t have to drink in order to participate. Everyone is welcome!

Every single "Ramen Klub" video will be posted right on the Ramen Klub website, so make sure you tell all of your friends, family, co-workers and associates to come check you out!

So what more can be said. These delicious Ramen Klub meals, now over 100 absolutely awesome flavors and styles to choose from, are easily the most delicious, premium quality ramen noodle meals that you`ll ever encounter outside of an expensive, posh restaurant.

They come in specially designed "Hangover Kits" that were created explicitly to help you to avoid or cure hangovers and now you can actually get the chance to win a Nintendo Wii. Sounds pretty much like a slam-dunk, "no brainer" decision, whether you have a hangover or not!

Signing off at Pigging out!
Rocco "Boss Hog" Loosbrock