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Published:January 26th, 2010 11:00 EST
Pre-Natal Bacon Consumption Leads To Brighter, Brainy Babies!

Pre-Natal Bacon Consumption Leads To Brighter, Brainy Babies!

By Rocco Loosbrock

Pregnant? Screw the pickle cravings and reach for the pork! (That`s what she said!)  

Bacon isn`t just about good taste, It`s about smart choices as well!  

According to some very smart scientists at the University of North Carolina, eating a breakfast made up of bacon and eggs will NOT get you a firm scolding from your doctor, but rather a standing ovation. (This will only if he`s a fun doctor, otherwise, you may just get a non-plussed nod.).  

The results of the UNC study maintain that a chemical in pork products can actually be pro-active in the development of an unborn baby`s brain.  

The hero of the hour is a micronutrient called choline " which can also be found in foods such as beef liver (gross), cauliflower (totally disgusting) and tofu (blasphemy!).  

Apparently this little guy is already known for protecting against heart problems and preventing memory loss while aging. Who deserves a gold star for all their hard work?  

Choline does!  

So the next time you`re pregnant, put bacon on your baby registry, call MENSA and reserve a spot for your child, and make sure you find an assisted living complex that serves bacon daily.  

-Jennifer Eolin

Signing off at Pigging out!  

Rocco "Boss Hog" Loosbrock  

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