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Published:February 5th, 2010 12:19 EST
5 Things You'll Need For a Great Super Bowl Party!

5 Things You'll Need For a Great Super Bowl Party!

By Rocco Loosbrock

With Super Bowl Sunday fast approaching (yes, the game is this Sunday), it`s time to take a close look at the top five things that make any Super Bowl party great. 

1. A Big Screen TV: How can you watch the Big Game: on a little TV? That makes no sense at all, so a Big Screen TV is an obvious must " for any successful Super Bowl Party.   

2.  Snacks: The #1, all-time favorite snack food at Super Bowl parties is Chips and Salsa! " But this isn`t just any other " game, so just any other " chips and salsa combo isn`t gong to cut it.  If you`re looking for a salsa that will make a huge, memory making impression and pleasantly surprise your guests, check out this awesome Mango Salsa recipe.

Hey, if mango isn`t your thing, no problem my friend, check out the wide variety of salsa`s available from Coastal Vineyards , who even have a Gourmet Salsa Club offering the freshest and finest salsas available online, 24 hours a day.  

3. Beer and Wine: Face it; nothing goes better with football than beer and wine.  I myself prefer the suds and truly enjoy such fine brews as Blue Moon, Shiner Bock and Newcastle Brown Ale.   

As for wine, there are so many excellent and varied vintages, styles and flavors to choose from. Personally I make it a point to try each of the different wines that are made available through Coastal Vineyards Wine Club, so that each month, I`m a little bit closer to being an educated connoisseur " of the finer things in life. 

4. Friendly Wagering: A long-time favorite activity at Super Bowl parties is a bit of friendly wagering. Not that I condone or recommend gambling, because, as everyone knows, that`s illegal, but there`s nothing wrong with betting a tortilla chip or two on such things as the final score, quarter-by-quarter scores, who wins the coin toss or next  news breaking half time costume malfunction..  

5. Half-time Entertainment:  What are you going to do for the twenty minuets after The Who perform almost half a century of music in less than half an hour?  Why not get everyone outside for a quick pick-up " game of touch football. 

Have fun, be safe and drive carefully!