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Published:February 15th, 2010 13:06 EST
5 Wines To Make Your Lover Whine With Pleasure, AFTER Valentine`s Day

5 Wines To Make Your Lover Whine With Pleasure, AFTER Valentine`s Day

By Rocco Loosbrock



Happy Valentine`s Day everybody! Today truly is a very happy day for wineries and special production vintners all around the world, who have come to truly and totally LOVE Valentine`s Day.


This appreciation of the Holiday Of Love " comes from the fact that this is one of the very few days of the year when people are more likely to be drinking wine and usually drinking a much better quality of wine than that which can quickly an simply be picked- up " at the corner Gas Station Mini-Mart " or the gigantic, generic corporate Mega-Mart " warehouse emporium.


That means this is one of those especially rare times of the year when people have a chance to actually experience a truly great glass or three of premium quality wine, as they fall in love and into line " with the traditions and spirit of Valentine`s Day " and all that it has come to stand for.


So how can these adventuresome folks who usually drink beer, Jack and 7, rum and coke or are normally teetotalers, best be served (pun intended) on this special day?


How about a simple guide to the 5 Best Wines, guaranteed to take Romance well beyond Valentine`s Day!


The best way to effectively and successfully use this guide; is for you to do a little bit of honest soul searching to most honestly determine precisely where you and your LOVE are on the wide spectrum of wine appreciation.


To help simplify the process, let`s simply break the entire range down into four very easy to recognize categories: Novice, Sophisticate In Training, Intermediate Aficionado and Consummate Connoisseur.


Novice: The novice or relative novice to the wonderful world of wine " is most definitely in for a real treat by introducing themselves to either an enchanting Chardonnay if a nice   White Wine is preferred; or an alluring Zinfandel if the traditional Red Wine is the choice and personal preference of the special couple.


Of course, since Valentine`s Day is a Holiday resplendently decorated in both red and white, you really can`t go wrong with either one of these excellent wines.


Chardonnay is by far the most popular white wine on the planet. It enticingly exudes and  expressing itself in an amazingly wide range of aromatic flavors and essences,  from its lush, rich and  buttery oak overtones, to the vibrantly fresh and fruity flavors of apples, pears, citrus and melons, leaving a luscious and long lasting positive impression upon the palate.


So many people deeply LOVE Chardonnay, that it has come to be known as the official wine of deep love, and that sounds like a great place to start " and to finish.


Zinfandel is by far the most charming and versatile red wine on the planet Earth, with an exquisite flavor and exceedingly alluring aroma, that with finesse and grace can easily pose equally as comfortably and believably as blush or rose frequently favored by most wine novices.


Come experience this enticing air of complexity and mystique, drawing you into a vast multitude of mouthwatering essences displayed by this uniquely multifaceted wine.


Sophisticate In Training: For those people who regularly enjoy imbibing a nice glass of wine now and again, the Cabernet is the perfect choice of a Romantic evening of passion.


Cabernet This sophisticatedly fruit flavored wine has just enough seductive sweetness to make it both luscious and adoring, without being overtly sweet. You`ll thoroughly enjoy the intoxicating, subtle hints of everything from the most flavorful expression of black currant, blackberry, black cherry, cassis, and raspberry, with the musk-like allure and essence of tobacco, cedar, oak and even dried herbs and spices.


People these days so often over-use the erotic expression an o(r)gy of decadent flavors, " however, in this case, the assertion is quite well founded and completely true!



Intermediate Aficionado: The Intermediate Aficionado who has been loyally drinking wine for an extended period of time now has earned the right and privilege to move up the sultry sensuality of Syrah. Even the very name of this wine is both exotically charged and erotically alluring.


Syrah is a full bodied, dominantly lush and luscious, deeply scarlet colored wine, rich, dark and heady, commonly emanating the aroma of floral and fruity fares from black currants apple, cherry and blackberries to raspberry, citrus, blueberry and plums. What is even more spectacular is the mesmerizing finish, often lingering with a hint of chocolate, vanilla, oak, coffee, all-spice, cinnamon, anise and even a slight touch of pepper.


This is perhaps the most delightfully decadent red wine on Earth with a lush texture and impressive after-taste that, very much like an amazingly wonderful lover, continues to call you back again and again " and each time, it only gets better and better!


Consummate Connoisseur: For the Consummate Connoisseur, may I introduce you to the magically mystical Merlot, where the mythical wonders and glory of Mer-lin " and Came-lot " com together in a perfectly balanced blend, equaling this eminently enticing elixir known to human-kind only as Mer-Lot! "   


Merlot is a distinctly delectable, medium-bodied red wine with an amazingly wide range of explosively juicy fruit flavors ranging from cherries, currants and blueberries to black cherries, plums, and blackberries, often exuding an alluring essence of vanilla, oak, spice, coconut, musk, caramel, truffle, tobacco, mint or even slight sprinkling of black pepper.


The tannin levels in merlot are intentionally kept low, leading to a much smoother, less dry and acidic aftertaste than many people have commonly come to associate with and expect from a premium quality red wine.


 This wine is so smooth and luscious, rich and decadent, that it will transform both your consciousness and your sense, literally blowing your proverbial socks off " along with other items of clothing that may be deemed in the way or unnecessary for a party of two!



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Rocco "Boss Hog" Loosbrock