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Published:February 17th, 2010 19:30 EST
Winter Is Perfect Time To Experience The Napa Valley Wine Country!

Winter Is Perfect Time To Experience The Napa Valley Wine Country!

By Rocco Loosbrock

Here`s one of the best kept secrets in the wide and wonderful world of wine. If you choose to take advantage of this insightful Insider Information " you are guaranteed to experience an adventure that will create life-long memories that you will cherish forever and ever.


The truth is, if you really want to enjoy a complete tour of the entire Napa Valley Wine Country, without all of the loud crowds, long lines and high energy agitation, distraction that literally thousands of people can some how manage to bring to one of the nicest, most peaceful, relaxing and absolutely gorgeous environments on Earth, be sure to check it out during the winter months!


The Napa Valley Wine Country is a veritable wine wielding winter wonder-land during the off season, but I`m talking Cool " because of how awesome the experience is, NOT with regards to the weather or the temperatures that you`ll experience.


Remember, this is the California Coast, where the wine is ALWAYS absolutely spectacular and where the gentle and peaceful Pacific Ocean can always be relied upon to keep the things relatively temperate and pleasurable year round.


You may want wait till around 10 am to allow the day to warm up just a little bit before you arrive, though I warn you, you will most definitely miss out on some spectacularly amazing sun-rises that will take your breath away.


Likewise, using the same logic and reasoning, you may want to leave just an hour or so after sun-down to avoid the eventual nippy chill that will settle in over the evening, put if you choose to stay longer, you will be surprised that`s it`s just not as cold as you might have feared.


Coming a bit later and leaving a bit earlier will still afford you way more time to get around and see everything, as there simply isn`t any traffic, crowds or lines to slow you down from doing  whatever it is that you may want to do. 

Harvest has already completed its annual cycle and the barrels, tanks and in some cases (pun intended) special boutique bottles have already been put to bed to be woken again much later in the future, so this is a perfect time to actually get a chance to talk with these expert vintners and winemaking craftsmen and craftswomen and get all of the inside information on what to look for over the next few years in the world of wine.


Here`s another big plus for you. In order to effectively entice crowds to come visit the Napa Valley outside of the typical, traditional wine country touring season, the prices of absolutely everything from the wine itself, to the restaurants and shops and from the local hotel accommodations to the local night-life is greatly reduced and in some cases (pun once again, intended) a steal compared to regular season charges.


The average daily temperatures in January will hover around 50 degrees and then will begin to start rising toward the 60s by mid February and March. The winter rains turn hills the most gorgeous deep green while the dormant vines almost look like Halloween decorations, very mysterious and almost magical set off by the lightly misty skies and lack of crowds and noise


Hint " hint " the very same posh and prestigious restaurants that you would normally have to wait an hour to get a table at " and then another 30 minutes to order your meal, will now have an entire staff of smiling faces, absolutely thrilled to see you and your business and willing to bend over backwards to ensure that you enjoy your experience, at prices that are most definitely worth joining in with the big group smile!


Meanwhile, the attention and help that you will get from the various shop owners and wineries themselves will allow you to fully grasp what it`s like to be royalty or among the rich and famous Beautiful People " that you have always read and heard so much about. 


Keep in mind that while wine tasting is a year-round pastime, it`s wise to g ahead and call ahead in advance to ensure whether or not the particular winery tasting rooms  that you are interested in will be open at the times you want to arrive and remember that in the off season, some of these tasting rooms are available by appointment only.


If you`re truly ready to experience an amazing adventure in class, culture and absolutely astounding natural beauty and grace, I highly recommend you try exploring the Napa Valley Wine Country during the winter months at least ONCE in your life time. I promise you, that once you give it a try, it certainly won`t be the last time you do so!




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Rocco "Boss Hog" Loosbrock