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Published:March 3rd, 2010 10:58 EST

Wendy`s New Bacon and Blue Burger is YUMMY!

By Rocco Loosbrock

Ok, while in some corners of the world, perhaps Wendy`s exciting, new release of their "Bacon and Blue Burger" might not incite as much enthusiastically electric and eclectic interest and conversation as ".oh I don`t know " say " the Oscars, The NBA Playoffs, or what`s apparently new on supposedly never scripted or prearranged Reality TV. "

bacon and blue burger


But around here, the BUZZ about Wendy`s newly featured food fair is quickly becoming all the rage, and personally I`m one of the happy cowboys riding that bull all the way back to Satisfaction Street! "


We`re talking North American Beef, generously covered with real " blue cheese crumbles, a hearty layer of freshly cooked Apple-wood Smoked Bacon, topped off with some deliciously delightful sautéed onions and a pretty decent creamy steakhouse sauce.


Alright, " I`m not going to pretend that by simply adding Bleu Cheese to a bacon burger will automatically make it gourmet food, " but remember that it`s Wendy`s that we`re talking about here, so the quality of the ingredients and the care with which the meals are prepared and served are already up in the higher echelon of quality, compared to most fast food joints!


Here`s what I can tell you. While I normally am not a big fan of fast food, particularly burgers, and most specifically Bacon Burgers, " this really is a pretty decent rendition of the sort of gourmet burger that you might make at home from your latest anticipated and treasured monthly bacon club membership shipment or something that you might possibly pick up at a fancy, posh eatery for around $10.00.


It`s actually pretty darned good. I do however; strongly recommend forgoing the speed, convenience and privacy of ordering this particular burger from the take out window, and instead go enjoy eating it inside the establishment, so that you don`t loose too much of the rollie-pollie " chucks of bleu cheese that will otherwise end up in the crack of your cars seat and possibly some other embarrassing locations I won`t even bother to suggest.


If you get the burger made to order, as it should be, the heat rising off of the burger and bacon will sufficiently melt the cheese to a nice consistency. If not, you may have to ask them to re-heat it for you on the grill, in order to get that slightly lava-like "  consistency that allows the cheese to effectively  exude it`s grandiose, gooey goodness.




Signing off at Pigging out!
Rocco "Boss Hog" Loosbrock


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