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Published:March 24th, 2010 19:25 EST
Female Tongues and Taste-buds Temptingly Tantalized By Bacon`s Allure!

Female Tongues and Taste-buds Temptingly Tantalized By Bacon`s Allure!

By Rocco Loosbrock


Perhaps it was only a matter of time before women would rise up and proudly assert their full fledged loyalty to what was once archaically referred to as the Brotherhood of Bacon! "

That`s right my friends, as former Eurythmics " front woman Annie Lennox so clearly reminded us in the lyrics to that huge, pop hit Sisters Are Doing It For Themselves, " and that includes a joint role in the process of both Bringing Home The Bacon " and "Frying It Up In A Pan! "

Anyone paying any attention at all to this particularly blooming and burgeoning facet of the Gourmet Food industry, as well as the amazingly increased popularity in certain fast food franchises since their fascination and focus on bacon in their latest menu items, can`t help but notice these days that; Where There`s Bacon " There Women! "

All one has to do is check out the posts and comments on all of the Top Bacon Blogs, from "Bacon Today " and Bacon Unwrapped " which, by the way, is actually a bacon blog that is owned and run by human being of said "female persuasion, " to the Bac`n Blog and Bacon Freak Blog, and you can`t help but notice that participation from the ladies has increased by a good 300% or so over the past year.

Which; when you stop to think about, is a pretty interesting movement that most people would agree, definitely should be taken seriously and delved into a bit deeper. So " who better to ask about the huge increases in women passionately taking a stand as fellow Baconistas " and taking a prominent role of not only participation, but leadership, in what once seemed to be a bit of a testosterone driven Sausage Fest " or Good Ole` Boy " fellowship.

Therefore several women were interviewed on the topic and here`s what was found out.

Part of the attraction that women have toward bacon is the fact that it`s the one meat that truly exudes a powerful allure and seductive attraction in the entire process of preparing and ingesting it. The sizzle, that aroma, that savory, sensuously semi-sweet / semi-salty temptation of the tongue and taste buds is simply what makes this veritable MEAT CANDY " something that a lot of women feel incapable of saying no " to.

In other words, they simply want it and gotta have it! "

It turns out that for some women, it`s a form of rebellion against the old stereo-typical, limited perspective of who and what women are and are all about. Yes, women still like salads, broiled fish, lot`s of vegetables, baked chicken, fine wine and premium quality chocolates, but as it turns out, they also have developed a strong, unrelenting desire for the more sensual tastes of some gourmet bacon, blue ribbon winning ham, and a great sausage link or two, now and again.

Most impressive is the fact that for most women, it`s not merely a matter of them blindly following the massive trend and mega-wave of Baco-Mania, but rather, more a case of simply feeling confident, comfortable and communal enough to finally come out of the closet " and admit that while the other white meats might be perfectly awesome, they still enjoy getting porked " now and again!

This is the dawning of a Brave New World and something that the old guard " is simply going to have to learn to accept embrace and come to terms with.

Signing off at Pigging out!
Rocco "Boss Hog" Loosbrock