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Published:May 4th, 2010 18:00 EST
True Gourmets Are Becoming Their Own   Home Baristas!

True Gourmets Are Becoming Their Own Home Baristas!

By Rocco Loosbrock

With the economy continuing to be sluggish and full, complete economic recovery still somewhere over that distant horizon, we gourmets need to continue to share information that will help us all continue to live the gourmand life style " that we have come to love and desire, while using the wisest helpful tips to successfully cut back on costs on those things that have been deemed nice, " but not necessarily Necessary! "


One truly excellent idea that is sweeping the nation in an ever cresting wave; is the idea of becoming your very own Home Barista " by serving up your very own deliciously delightful cups, mugs and shots of your very own Home Made " gourmet coffee. 


This is by no means any sort of a slap in the face of Starbucks, The Coffee Bean And Tea Leafor any of your personal favorite coffee houses, be they national, regional or local franchises or that Independent Ma and Pa " place where everybody knows your name. "


Not at all, there will always be a time and situation when stopping by our very favorite Brew Bistro " is the clear choice of choices. But then again, that`s just precisely what the point that I`m getting to is, the fact that, IN FACT, " we really DO have a choice " don`t we?


As the prices of the all of our favorite, fancy gourmet coffee houses and franchises continue to rise astronomically, while these businesses constantly seek more and more ways to cut corners in order to try to survive without falling behind the stiff and stern competition, many of us have come to realize that for a LOT less money, we can have much higher quality coffee on a consistent basis, right here at home and have it exactly as we want it! "


You see, some times economically hard times come along and remind us of the special things in life, like maintaining those deeply personal relationships by alternating amongst a group of close friends, whose home you will meet to have those wonderfully enjoyable, relaxing little get together " over a cup or three of your favorite or favorite 3 coffees.


The biggest difference, besides the obvious huge savings in money, is the amount of pure comfort, privacy, intimacy and environmental control, from the specifics of the lighting to the seating arrangements, the amount of socially unpredictable noise, interruptions and audible ambient sound infringing on your friendly conversations or time of peace and relaxation.


To be honest with you, how awesome is it to have absolute control of the style, type, genre, volume and clarity of music being funneled and often distortedly blared " over you head through tiny, crackling, metallic sounding speakers while you continually ask one another What did you say? "


I`m using this powerful, popular trend as the perfect opportunity to buy all of my friends and relatives the perfect and always appreciated gourmet coffee gifts " that ensure that no matter whose house we meet at, there is always plenty of everyone`s 1 to 3 personally favorite coffees on hand.


No more $18.00 per person, to sit together for a couple of hours and enjoy a few of our favorite flavors of the best darned coffee in all the land. "


Wouldn`t you agree?


Signing off and Pigging out!

Rocco "Boss Hog" Loosbrock