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Published:June 7th, 2010 13:59 EST
A   Seven Snout Salute

A Seven Snout Salute

By Rocco Loosbrock



Media magnate and mega-news enterprise, MSNBC has come right out and blurted out what everybody has been thinking for the past couple of years, that America`s love affair with bacon is absolutely no where near cooling down any time soon.

Just when people thought that the national hysteria of Baco-Mania " that had been so dramatically exhibited by Bacon Freaks all across the country was starting to diffuse and Freak-Fever " was beginning to cool, the next phase Bacon On The Brain " kicked in and this time, it`s spreading faster than ever and people seem to have an even stronger strain than before.

Popular MSNBC writer Bill Briggs sites KFC`s latest release, the Double Down` Sandwich as just the latest clear evidence of a world that clearly has developed a culinary crush on our beloved bacon.

According to Briggs, Bacon is once more our true, national food crush, spanning all ages, all cultures and all meals. It binds us in its aromatic allure " and maybe in its outlaw luster. Like a freedom fighter emerging from an underground bunker, the smoky strips of crispy bliss somehow survived the rise and reign of the cholesterol cops. "

The MSNBC writer continues by assessing that It`s primal. It`s sublime. It`s bacon. And it`s bigger than ever, baby. "

Briggs quotes beloved television Culinary Queen, Paula Deen " as responding to the news of the Bacon Boosted " Double Down sandwich by giggling with glee There`s no bun? Oh, shut up! I can`t wait to try it! " Deen said Tuesday while being driven between launch events for her book, Paula Deen`s Savannah Style. " We may have to go to the closest KFC now! "

Paula continued by exclaiming " We love our bacon, Americans love their bacon! " added Deen, who serves up her southern-fried dishes and personality on the Food Network`s Paula`s Home Cooking. "

Briggs continues his in-depth observations by explaining that a bacon zeitgeist has sprouted. You can sample bacon maple lattes, $14 vodka cocktails with bacon, caffeinated bacon lollipops, deep-fried bacon with gravy, bacon-flavored chocolate, and a chicken stuffed inside a duck that`s crammed into a turkey " all encased by bacon and called a turbaconducken. " On May 8, San Francisco is hosting its second annual Bacon Camp, " billed as an ad-hoc gathering born from the desire for people to share and learn in an open environment about bacon. "

Then Briggs wraps up his comments about out cultures current Bacon Bonanza " by mentioning the fact that At the Bacon Today blog which offers daily updates on the world of sweet, sweet bacon, " shoppers can buy belts and pillows that look like bacon, plus gummy bacon, " bacon-flavored dental floss and lip balm. "

Brigg`s final quotes from Paula Deen really say`s it all when she contemplates the role that bacon has played in the lives of Americans its part of the American soul, " Deen said. A bacon-free diet is like going through life without seeing the Eiffel tower, " Deen said, or without ever skinny-dipping under a full moon. "

Then Queen Deen " adds The smell of bacon cooking is in everybody`s memory. For years, I`ve wanted to come up with a room deodorizer that`s the scent of bacon, onions and bell peppers cooking on the stove. Wouldn`t that be fabulous? "

Well if you are looking for a bacon scented room freshener Ms. Deen, you need look no further than HERE where Bacon Freak has been selling them for years, for just for $4.95.

Then in his final observation, Brigg`s graciously offers a salute to what he refers bacon being the official the candy of meats, " which clearly is a homage to the long-time, official Bacon Freak Motto Bacon Is Meat Candy! ".

Big pig props to Mr. Briggs, whose insights and clarity are deeply appreciated and whose clarity and pork perceptions are 100% right on!

Signing off at Pigging out!
Rocco "Boss Hog" Loosbrock