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Published:August 30th, 2010 16:55 EST
Listen Up, Chocolate Lovers! The ChocolateDoctor Is In!

Listen Up, Chocolate Lovers! The ChocolateDoctor Is In!

By SOP newswire2

Serious chocophiles know just how sensuous Chocolate is... its` beautiful mirror-like finish, its` intoxicating aroma, its` satiny smooth touch and, of course, its` totally tantazling taste.  But what does chocolate sound like (and I don`t meant those When Harry Met Sally sounds you make when you eat it)?  Sounds like a question for the ChocolateDoctor.  Fortunately, the ChocolateDoctor is "in" whenever you need him! 

Choclatique`s Co-Founder Ed Engoron "aka the ChocolateDoctor "has teamed up with A Million Cooks to bring you a weekly earful of humor, wisdom, adventure, information and inpsiration all about chocolate! 
From our Chocolate Studio in West Los Angeles to the hallowed halls of Yale University and a harrowing trip down the Amazon, the ChocolateDoctor explores the world searching for the best sources for cacao, the very special "people of the pod" (growers and artisans) and the greatest places to indulge your chocolate addiction.
Click here, to hear about the ChocolateDoctor`s visit to Paris` famed Masion du Chocolat and its créateur, Messer. Robert Linxe.  Then be sure to visit the ChocolateDoctor on Facebook and share your inner-most chocolate fantasies and dreams!  And don`t forget to go to and we`ll make sure that all those chocolate dreams come true!

About A Million Cooks
A Million Cooks is an exciting new broadcast media that links together a diverse group of hosts speaking on a variety of food related subjects on brief, informative FoodCasts.  Their roster of experts includes John Ash, Bruce Aidells, Hugh Carpenter, Joyce Goldstein, Nick Malgieri and Paula Wolfert among others.
About Choclatique... chocolates out of the box!
Choclatique is a super-premium chocolate company founded in 2003 by Ed Engoron and Joan Vieweger. Hand-crafted in our Southern California Chocolate Studios by professional artists and chocolatiers, Choclatique provides over 200 *Authentically American chocolate confections, from traditional to whimsical, to secretly savor or share with those you love.