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Published:August 22nd, 2005 05:13 EST
The Roadmap for Mental Health

The Roadmap for Mental Health

By Inactive Writer

Last month, the National Mental Health Association launched a campaign for Mental Health Reform ".  The goal of this campaign is to provide steps as a guide for the Administration and Congress to address the crisis in the mental health system.  The campaign has been established with the alliance of 16 organizations sharing the same view of the need for a functioning health care system.

With the creation of a roadmap ", they hope to target 28 action items ", such as advocating home and community based care instead of institutionalization in order to better utilize Medicare dollars, early identification and effective treatment for veterans and their families, the end of discrimination against mental health treatment in Medicare, and creation of funding to provide people with mental illnesses who have committed nonviolent crimes with treatment instead of serving prison time, just naming a few.

The background of this campaign is the report provided in 2003 by President Bush`s New Freedom Initiative on Mental Health, in which they stated a need for transforming the way the Nation deals with mental health care.  The commissioners basically found what they called a fragmented system ".

Today, the National Mental Health Association estimates that at least 20 million adults in the U.S. have serious mental illnesses.  With this significant number, added to the cost and the lack of quality in mental health treatment, an increased push in making this issue a priority for legislators has been placed.

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