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Published:August 19th, 2006 14:26 EST
John Basedow chats with Judyth Piazza on the American Perspective

John Basedow chats with Judyth Piazza on the American Perspective

By John Basedow (Mentor/Fitness Expert)

"No one can stop you from attaining your dreams except yourself"...simply put this is the life philosophy that drives John Basedow, the rising fitness celebrity who hosts the bestselling videos FITNESS MADE SIMPLE, AWESOME HOUR UPPER BODY HOME WORKOUT, SIXPACK ABS, AM/PM WORKOUTS, 45Min FAT BURNING WORKOUT, and FMS BASICS.  Commercials for these popular programs appear nationally in most all major markets.

Over the past few years out of nowhere, John has burst onto the fitness scene appearing in many national and regional exercise and bodybuilding-related publications... an outstanding accomplishment he attributes all to the basic result producing fitness regimen he discusses in his videos.  By following a program called "The Fitness Triangle," the FITNESS MADE SIMPLE video series highlights how people can achieve their ultimate physiques naturally with time-conserving, muscle building workouts, a fat burning nutrition plan, and intelligent supplementation.

John has also written a regular column, appropriately titled "Fitness Made Simple," which appeared nationally in Exercise for Men Only, Mens Exercise, Natural Muscle, and Not Just Fitness.  Seeking to provide some clarity in the ever confusing world of fitness, John's articles offer straight talk and answers to reader's training, diet, and supplement questions based on his own personal experiences and observations with what works and what doesn't.  He also has a popular, informative website

Before gracing the pages of exercise magazines, Basedow, along with his partner Paquita Jean-Charles, co-hosted and co-created IMAGES, an internationally syndicated half hour television health magazine series that was broadcast in over 40 countries from Algeria to Zimbabwe.  In the United States, IMAGES aired for 3 years on over 200 broadcast affiliate and independent TV stations.  Dealing with topics ranging from Allergy Treatments to Dolphins Helping Autistic Children, IMAGES mix of informational content and upbeat stylish presentation made it a highly marketable program and a viewer favorite on many station line-ups.  The successful series even garnered two best new series awards during its first year of production.

"If people had told me I'd be on the most widely distributed health series in the world when we first started IMAGES," says Basedow, "I'd have thought they were dreaming."  And Basedow's dream-come-true tale is more the stuff of a Hollywood script than television industry reality.  "When you're young and have no financial resources or contacts in the competitive TV industry," Basedow points out, "the odds are dramatically stacked against you.  To succeed, you need a thick skin and an unwavering belief in yourself and your idea along with a superhuman type of persistence."

As the popularity of IMAGES grew, Basedow was interviewed by various national talk shows, newspapers, and magazines, including CBS News, The New York Times, The Los Angeles Times, and Star Magazine.  He's also had the opportunity to travel across the country and around the world to promote IMAGES.  "It was one of the best experiences of my life - totally amazing - and it's particularly gratifying to see the impact this show has had on the lives of so many people in so many different cultures."

Even with such a full schedule, Basedow finds time to speak to other young people in high schools and colleges about fitness training programs as well as the importance of positive thinking and following your dreams.  "If you can think it, you can do it.  Don't listen to negative people.  If you listen only to your inner self, work hard, and believe in your goals you can accomplish anything."


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