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Published:July 17th, 2007 13:04 EST
We Need Plaque Eating Nanobots

We Need Plaque Eating Nanobots

By Erich Brandenberger (Mentor)

There are a few things that need to be said today. This entry was inspired by headlines such as "Viagra reduces jet lag in hamsters" (what a newsworthy discovery! I wonder what the going air fares are for hamsters these days) and ubiquitous news coverage of the guy who managed to eat 66 hotdogs (and buns, mind you) in a couple of minutes (can`t recall how many). Are we all going nuts? Is it the publicity that makes people do dull-witted things like that? Is it money?

Speaking of money: despite the volume of spam I receive, I still can`t understand why so many individuals are doing this. Do all these hordes of anonymous no-reply-possible spammers get paid for inviting me to buy Viagra? Why don`t ISPs send a short confirmation message to every originator that that his or her e-mail to me is ready to be forwarded and " if the return e-mail address is bogus " trash the mail and blacklist the address? That one-time check would be so very easy to implement and I would instantly switch to an ISP who offers this service.

Why don`t people invest their energy on genetically programming bacteria to eat plaque in arteries and then die, or to gobble up the muck that has accumulated in a smoker`s lungs? Why don`t governments impose a tax on electricity to force people to switch off their TV sets at night instead of putting them on standby? That would also encourage consumers to buy energy-saving light bulbs (making them cheaper). The American government should impose higher taxes on gasoline, but the extra revenue would probably be spent on missile shields or similar crap. Oh, by the way: I read recently that solar cells covering a mere 1.7% of America`s land area would generate enough electricity to power the US. OK, it`s a lot of solar cells, but the number is intriguing. I figure the money spent on you-know-which-war would easily pay for that, simultaneously eliminating the need for a lot of coal-fired power plants (OK and putting a lot of coal miners out of work " I don`t have the answer to that yet). Another digression: (worth reading).

Also in the news: the exclusivity claim of the Catholic church (holier than thou). As long as nobody drops a dirty bomb on Mecca during the Hajj, I don`t give a damn (would they blame Al-Vatican?). But we seem to be headed toward another a showdown. All this, including the idiotic, utterly stupid wars going on all around the world, are such a pitiful waste of human intelligence and energy. But it`s the status quo, fueled by everyone`s indifference and furthered by fat, corrupt delegates of fat, corrupt politicians who want to preserve their privileges and therefore make sure no consensus is ever reached on any issue at any conference, lest they become superfluous. Oh yes: I wouldn`t mind executive greed so much if the people who make a couple of hundred million bucks a year actually did something constructive with their money. Some do, granted, hats off.

An afterthought: tribal societies like Iraq or Afghanistan can`t embrace democracy in one generation because the warlords are too greedy for power and money. What a despicable goal for a human life! They should look at to see one of the places where they could constructively wield their influence and invest their wealth (sorry about the picture, but that`s life in the real world). Let`s not talk about FGM again. It`s sickening that this topic goes under the heading traditions and customs. If something is or was customary, that doesn`t mean it is or ever was right. It could just as well have resulted from an incorrect translation or interpretation.

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