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Published:September 19th, 2007 11:55 EST
No Need to Nip and Tuck

No Need to Nip and Tuck

By Amy Spagnola

Jennifer Lopez has a very, well... ample derriere. Barbara Streisand has a prominent nose and Sarah Jessica Parker has a large mole on her chin. What do these mega-stars have in common?

They all have features that some people might consider unattractive. However, these women and many other celebrities are proving that people come in all shapes and sizes and sometimes-supposed flaws " make a person unique and beautiful. After all, where would Cindy Crawford be without her infamous brown birthmark?

Diane Herbert of Arvada, Colorado is proud of the scars she has on her legs and arms.

I`ve been an athlete all my life, my scars are like pride, " she says of her soccer injuries.

But some teens aren`t like Herbert. They feel that their faces or bodies are not perfect enough. According to statistics by the American Academy of Pediatrics, four percent of plastic surgery procedures in the United States are performed on teenagers. The most common surgeries are on the nose, ears and facial skin procedures, such as chemical peels. Teenage surgery comes with great risks. Many teens are still developing and bodies change; features that may seem odd or misshapen suddenly become perfectly proportional.

Plastic surgery might seem like a good idea, a quick fix to erase some body parts that feel awkward, but the truth is, everyone has insecurities. Going under the knife can leave scarring, bruising, and even cause long-term damage. Many breast implants leak, tummy tucks leave a rope-like scar and all surgery carries risk for death.
The most beautiful people in the world have some supposed imperfections. Being true to yourself, being confident in your own skin and being proud of yourself enhances beauty much more than any nip or tuck.

I love all the freckles on my nose, " says Monica Sellers, of Wheat Ridge, Colorado. They make me feel special and remind me of my mom`s freckles. "

But if you`re still in a rut about your mirror misgivings, consider the gorgeous gals who are the epitome of iconic beauty and the physical insecurities they could have, but don`t:                                                                                                                               
Insecurity                                                                                            Celebrity

Lindsay Lohan
Cameron Diaz
Jessica Simpson
Nicole Kidman
Large Backside "
Crooked Teeth
Flat Chest
Keira Knightley
Big Chest
Scarlett Johansson


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