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Published:November 23rd, 2007 08:28 EST
Judyth Piazza chats with Leonard A. Lado, MD, Lado Healing Institute

Judyth Piazza chats with Leonard A. Lado, MD, Lado Healing Institute

By Judyth Piazza CEO (Editor)

I am a psychiatrist in Naples Florida and South Florida . I like to welcome you to my practice site. It was designed with the hope that it will educate  and allow you to make better choices about your condition. I uphold my believes that patients are very intelligent and need to be included with sincerity about their disease and treatment. People are intuitive by nature and can decide about who they trust in treating when they are ill. I hope to share with you all my knowledge and expertise to help you deal with your current condition. I hope to gain your trust and confidence

Information on the Internet can be confusing. I designed this website to fascilitate the understanding of our brain in the face of malfunction.  If we begin to understand that the brain is simply another organ just like the heart, pancreas, liver, etc.  Maybe if begin the brain as simply another organ maybe stigma of mental illness can be set aside and allow people out of their closets and into the light of heath.

The treatment of Addiction, mental illness or any brain disease requires a great deal of knowledge and learning from our patients struggles. Addiction can now be treated without hospitalization in most cases with new and exciting treatments that include VIVITROL, Campral, Suboxone and now very new and exciting treatment called PROMETA Treatment Program. Drug Rehabilitation has changed greatly over the past 4 years. If you click on the tab on drug news, you can live written news on the drug problem in this country.

I am a strong believer that that drug addiction will destroy our society long before global warming. Please look at the Drug Clock and see for yourself. What is very worrysome is that serious psychological distress (SPD) continues to be associated with drug abuse.  SPD in the past year was associated with past year substance dependence or abuse in 2006. Among adults aged 18 or older with SPD, 22.3 percent were dependent on or abused illicit drugs or alcohol. The rate among adults without SPD was 7.7 percent.  Past year illicit drug use was higher among adults aged 18 or older with SPD (27.2 percent) than among adults without SPD (12.3 percent). Similarly, the rate of past month cigarette use was higher among adults with SPD (44.2 percent) than among adults without SPD (24.5 percent).

I like to thank the many patients who have shared their lives and taught me a great deal about medicine and psychiatry through their struggles and triumph. Many of the testimonials come their experiences in drug rehab and outpatient treatment. I have added their simple letters of testimonials. So, Please welcome to my practice in the Mediterranean and tropical City of Naples Florida. Addiction Recovery in Naples and South Florida now can happen.


Lado Healing Institute

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