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Published:January 24th, 2008 16:24 EST
Keeping Your Baby Safe

Keeping Your Baby Safe

By Danielle Yoesep

Children and babies are a handful, and taking care of them requires a lot of hard work. However, most parents and guardians would do anything to ensure their children`s safety and happiness. Young children have the highest risk of being hurt or injured at home because that`s where they spend most of their time.

One way to prevent some accidents for kids at home is to childproof the entire house. To childproof your home, use safety latches and locks for cabinets and drawers in kitchens, bathrooms, and other rooms to prevent your child/children from gaining access to medicines, household cleaners, knives, and any other sharp objects. Using safety gates to prevent falls down the stairs and using outlet covers and outlet plates to prevent electrical shock will also help with the safety of your child/children.

Another way to prevent injuries at home would be to keep a list by the phone of people or places you would need to contact in case of emergency. This list could include poison control, the family doctor, parents or guardians` work and cell phone numbers, and a close neighbor or relative`s number. This list will come in handy for any babysitters, visitors, and even for you.

The most important and best precaution for a child`s safety is supervision. Your child is still very vulnerable to accidents and injuries even with all the childproofing you do. Your child is still susceptible to falls, trips, running into things, and hitting him/herself on things. Of course, even the most watchful parents/guardians cannot keep their children from exploring their world, completely out of harm`s reach every second of the day.

However, with these precautions, keeping your children safe will be much easier.

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