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Published:April 2nd, 2008 09:48 EST
Anita Mahaffey, Turkey and Night Sweats

Anita Mahaffey, Turkey and Night Sweats

By SOP newswire

What do night sweat pajamas and a summer in Turkey have in common?

For California entrepreneur Anita Mahaffey, the connection goes deep and in fact years later catapulted her into a business manufacturing and designing a line of menopause sleepwear called Cool-jams.

By collaborating with an old exchange student friend and his factory, she discovered a new micro-fiber fabric resulting in this innovative sleepwear collection.

Cool-jams, Inc. was founded in January 2007. Cool-jams sleepwear can be found online at . The website offers a variety of moisture wicking micro-fiber sleepwear as well as free tips to help combat night sweats.

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