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Published:April 7th, 2008 07:57 EST
World Health Day: A Word of Hope

World Health Day: A Word of Hope

By Zoneziwoh Mbondgulo


Fate why?
Question often asked.
I am HIV positive,
Why me?
Turning around,
I could hear some people saying;
I have a heart disease,
I am suffering from cancer of the pancreas "
I am suffering from a disease which,
Medically has not yet been diagnosing. "
Suddenly, I saw this shadow echoing
Footsteps coming towards me.
And the closer, the quite the environment.
Then it said;
I am diabetic,
Also suffering from a liver disease.
I am HIV positive.
My health has made me autistic,
According to my parents.
Instead, I feel my parents are autistic
That is what I told them. "
You know what,
I am happy.
Because whenever I`m assigned to work,
I will gently say;
I am autistic "
Just saying that,
I no longer labor in life. "

This piece is a dedication to everybody on this occasion celebrating World Health Day, April 07 under the theme protecting health for climate change. "

A sustainable management of our immediate as well as our far surroundings will yield favorable climatic conditions, hence good health.

And once there is health, there is wealth although wealth is not health.

Again, it`s true good health is life.

Fate why? Question often asked irrespective of our health status.

I am aware that in some societies certain ill health is regarded as God`s punishment to mankind. But I say, whatever the sickness, be it AIDs, leukemia " it`s just like any other common illness e.g. common cold, cough "

All these diseases entail care and continuous medical checkup. So, don`t feel that because you are suffering from the so-called deadly diseases, you are an outcast. Mark you, all diseases are deadly if not properly cared.

Again, I think most patients are not scared of the disease they have contracted, but for the fact that sooner or later they will die. Know that man proposes and God disposes.

Often, you will bear with me that the illness doesn`t kill him instead his thoughts do.

I know that once in that situation you believe everything in life is fated, no! Brothers and sisters, be hopeful, a miracle awaits you-- just believe in it.

I swear you will be the first to go tell it everywhere,

I did it and so you can.

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