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Published:April 18th, 2008 08:23 EST
John Basedow, Fitness Hunk: You have the Power

John Basedow, Fitness Hunk: You have the Power

By SOP newswire

Feeling powerless? Is summer coming faster than you can fit into those thin threads?  No need, John Basedow cuts through the confusion with his comment to Tom Schwab of Regional News Network.   The American Heart Association must thrill to see how John spotlights the simplicity and the importance of good heart health.

Catch the fever.  Watch how this fantastic fitness, heath advocate and personal trainer cuts to the core of matter:

American Heart Association Encourages Workers to Walk More

Remember, John is a spokesperson for the American Heart Association and has led their annual Heart Walk for the past two years.

Thank you, John, for your encouragement and for making a difference.

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