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Published:May 17th, 2008 16:45 EST
Are The Obese Responsible For Global Warming?

Are The Obese Responsible For Global Warming?

By Robert Paul Reyes

When the obese are challenged to lose weight, they sometimes respond: Leave me alone, I'm not hurting anybody.

But no man is an island, especially if that man is as big as an island. A new study shows that obese people are responsible for global warming.

"The obese are now blamed in food crisis and climate change, because they consume much more calories leading to food shortage and use more transport leading to more gas emissions and climate change.

A study by London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine shows that obese people consume 18% more calories than average weighted people do. They need about 1680 calories a day to maintain normal daily energy and 1280 calories to maintain normal daily activities. This is 5 times more than normal weighted people do."

Quotation from EMaxHealth.Com

You almost never see an obese individual riding a bike; if it entails traveling for more than a few feet, they will drive. That's why they are responsible for so much gas emissions-- not because they consume so much greasy food that they break wind more than regular folks.

Americans in general, and the overweight in particular, consume many more calories than necessary. We place a high demand on limited food resources--- this jacks up the price and makes it more difficult for poor people in developing countries to afford the basic staples.

When I was a kid, my Mom's favorite phrase was, "Clean your plate, don't you know people are starving in India?" But instead of consuming every morsel on our plates, we should leave some food uneaten to help the starving people in India.

"However, not all health officials agree with the research, such as Dr David Haslam from National Obesity Forum, who says that obese people are being blamed unfairly and it is a discrimination towards them. Climate change comes from complex factors, and obese people are not the ones really leading to it."

Quotation from EMaxHealth.Com

I've seen Al Gore's Oscar winning documentary "An Inconvenient Truth", and I know that there are complex factors involved in global warming. We can't blame climate change on folks like Oprah Winfrey, who consume a box of bon bons in one sitting.

But global warming gives a Mom one more weapon in her arsenal to get her chubby child to stop eating so much:

"No you can't have another piece of fried chicken. You wanna contribute to global warming? You are putting this planet in peril!