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Published:August 17th, 2008 11:26 EST

They Say Single Abortion is No Threat To Mental Health

By Robert Paul Reyes

Anti-abortion activists frequently warn that women who have abortions are emotionally scarred for life and prone to clinical depression. But a pregnant woman shouldn`t heed the advice of religious fanatics, she should listen to medical professionals.

Pro-life protesters who harass women entering family planning clinics by shouting threats and false warnings about impending depression are reprehensible and beneath contempt.

"(Reuters) - Women who have a single abortion do not have a higher risk of mental health problems such as depression than women who have their babies, the American Psychological Association reported on Wednesday."

Quotation from:

This finding will not lead women to choose abortion without giving it any thought and consideration. The women that I know who opted for an abortion did so only after a lot of prayer and advice from medical professionals and friends.

But we should keep in mind that it`s women who have a single abortion who do not have a higher risk of mental health problems. There really is no excuse for a woman to have more than one abortion. After the first unwanted pregnancy, the woman should make sure that she and her partner practice some form of birth control.

A lady who has a single abortion shouldn`t be ostracized, she should be supported by her friends and family to ensure that there`s not even the slightest chance that she will become depressed.