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Published:November 4th, 2008 14:30 EST
Glenn Brandon Burke Takes 72 Hour LifeCaps Challenge!

Glenn Brandon Burke Takes 72 Hour LifeCaps Challenge!

By Glenn Brandon Burke (Mentor/Speaker)


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Takes the 72 Hour LifeCapsTM Challenge (
Hey, Everybody!
A close friend of mine, Daryl Stevenett, Founder of LifeCaps, along with Food Formulator, Russ Bianchi, created a phenomenal "Survival" product. Daryl was inspired to come up with "something" that`s healthy, and could sustain life in an emergency situation.
When I spoke with Daryl about LifeCaps, I asked the BIG question of WHY? Why a survival product? His inspiration was due to the Crandall Canyon Coal-Miners trapped, and sadly, never found, back in August 2007. He felt that perhaps if the miners had "something" they could take to sustain their life, perhaps it would`ve allowed them to live a bit longer, thus allowing them to fight a bit longer for their lives, and possibly have given search and rescue a few more days to find them.
Given the recent natural disasters in America -- Katrina Hurricane in New Orleans, Galveston, Texas, Etc, Daryl informed me that people who do keep emergency food and water, keep it in their home. So what happens if you`re in your car, camping, hiking, or biking, and an emergency situation comes about? Well, if you carry a bottle of LifeCaps, you WILL survive!
To prove his point, Daryl did a 17-day LifeCaps Challenge ( He felt, while under a doctor`s supervision, if he could sustain a healthy body and mind for 17-days, people certainly could live on LifeCaps for 72 hours.
Though this product is specifically created for "Helping Sustain Life In An Emergency," Daryl did tell me that he did (Shhhhhhh!) lose some weight. So, since I could handle losing some weight, I thought I would take the 72 Hour LifeCaps Challenge.
I went to the medical office today and I`m weighing-in at 208 lbs and my blood pressure is 118/72. I am beginning the challenge today (Tuesday, November 4, 2008, Election Day), and will end my challenge Friday morning, and will report back as to my results.
In the meantime, I urge you to read through and watch the few-minute-long videos on Also, I have listed below, the 22 FAQ`s from the LifeCaps site.
If you would like to comment about my challenge and or have any questions, please feel free to E-mail me directly at Thank you, -gbb
22 FAQ`s:
1. Q: How does LifeCapsâ„¢ work?
A: LifeCapsâ„¢ is delivering, in a capsule form, bioavailable vitamins and nutrients that are essential on a daily basis for intake. LifeCapsâ„¢`s being absorbed through the Krebs Cycle of the metabolization of the body, and it`s being taken into the bloodstream within 20-25 minutes of ingestion. That is how LifeCapsâ„¢ is designed, and it`s designed to stay there for approximately 240-280 minutes in utilization (depending on the individual and their circumstances). The body will know better than someone on the outside what is required and needed for its specific needs, and it`s key that LifeCapsâ„¢ be taken with water from a hydration standpoint. We can live as human beings for a long time, but without water we are in very serious trouble. So in emergency circumstances, and in nutritional intake on a daily basis, without emergency circumstances, LifeCapsâ„¢ is assisting in terms of nutrient supplementation in viable dosages of recommended daily intakes of vitamins and minerals, to help the body not only utilize its own resources, but also help in terms of burning stored body fat, for folks that have at least 15% body fat. It`s very interesting to note that in America today there is an obesity crisis, and LifeCapsâ„¢ might address in some of these categories that factor because it`s assisting in what`s called ketosis " in the Krebs Cycle, to burn stored body fat in glycogenesis, to create blood glucose in sustaining the body`s function, the brain`s functions, the heart`s functions. So we can live a long time with water and nutrient value, but we cannot live a long time on empty calories. Dosages for LifeCapsâ„¢ will depend on specific persons of a specific age, height, weight, and medical predisposition in a certain situation, over a specific period of time. But generally, three capsules per day is enough to deliver the recommended daily intake of all essential vitamins and minerals. As a result of this, the body has a nutrient ability to assist along with body fat, and along with water, to sustain life. Without nutrient value, body`s start to deplete either stored available nutrient value, or systems tend to degrade throughout the day to stress and nutrient depletion, if they`re not available. In terms of caloric value on three LifeCapsâ„¢ capsules per day, we are substantially less than the recommended 2000-calorie per day diet that Food and Drug Administration recommends. So this is not a replacement of food and caloric intake, this is a supplementation of the recommended daily intake of vitamin and nutrient value. LifeCapsâ„¢`s primary system for delivering all these values of recommended intake of prescribed FDA vitamins and minerals for optimal health is delivered by natural cane sugar.

2. Q: Why did we select natural cane sugar?
A: Cane sugar has been one of the only natural vetted sweetener systems throughout history, used for many centuries. Sugar, specifically cane sugar, has the unique metabolic effect of transferring into blood glucose or energy through the human metababolization cycle within about 20 minutes of ingestion. It by itself will then create what`s called a hypoglycemic event ", or a crashing of blood sugar, if it`s the only caloric intake. And that`s why it`s important, in combination with water, in LifeCapsâ„¢ to create the sustained metabolic effect. What we`re doing with the natural cane sugar is basically getting the nutrient values of the vitamins and minerals required into the bloodstream so the body can utilize them. If it were sugar in and of itself, like a placebo or sugar pill, basically you would get a quick energy effect and then an energy crash. That crash does not occur with LifeCapsâ„¢.

3. Q: Why does LifeCapsâ„¢ take away one`s hunger (or satiation)?
A: The body is craving nutrient values to keep its Cardiovascular System, Neurosensor System, Renal System, Muscular System, Skeletal System, Circulatory Systems, etc, functional. Those require the recommended daily intake of vitamins and minerals, which are delivered in approximately three capsules per day (depending on specific individual and circumstances) in LifeCapsâ„¢. LifeCapsâ„¢ helps satiation. Satiation means that your body is satisfied in terms of nutrient intake. This is through a very complex number of hormones that are developed in the brain, including dopamine, and leptins, and a number of others that would take a long time to explain in this answer. The bottom line is why don`t you feel hungry when you take LifeCapsâ„¢? The answer is we are delivering blood glucose with nutrient values that can be utilized, and as a result, you feel energized, you feel satisfied, which is another word for satiation, and therefore you are not craving more calories. When you don`t crave more calories, you can burn body fat, and if you`re burning body fat, you are also helping to create blood glucose to help the systems of the body. LifeCapsâ„¢ is definitely generally recognized as safe, we only use bedded empirical real nutrient values in terms of our vitamins and minerals and natural cane sugar, therefore, from a safety standpoint, this is completely in the category of generally recognized as safe.

4. Q: Are there stimulants in LifeCapsâ„¢?
A: No, we don`t believe in stimulants. There are a host of energy products out there, particularly in the beverage category, that claims stimulation or energy, and the vast majority of those are centered around caffination and neurosensor stimulants. The danger of these stimulants, whether naturally occurring, or drug induced, or synthetic, is they can cause very serious side effects in terms of cardioarrythmia, or pains in the chest, and particularly some of these in high dosages from some of the famous brand names out there in the energy drink business, in combination with alcohol, can actually cause cardiac arrest, and death, and have done so. Therefore, we do not believe in stimulants and we don`t want to be anywhere near them. We want to be all natural and safe. We want to provide good for you nutrient intake that assists health, assists satiation and assists life.

5. Q: How long can someone live on LifeCapsâ„¢ in combination with the proper intake of water, at the proper dosage levels for that particular person`s body weight and specific predispositions?
A: Probably a fairly good amount of time. Certainly days, maybe weeks, until help gets to someone that may be in a situation like that. There are bedded studies with other caloric intake out there where people have gone over a month, NOT with LifeCapsâ„¢, but with other caloric intake and water; but without water in combination with LifeCapsâ„¢, it`s a fairly fairly short period of time. So drinking water is required, just like air is needed to sustain life to breath, in combination with LifeCapsâ„¢.

6. Q: Do LifeCapsâ„¢ contain any fiber?
A: No, because soluble and insoluble fibers tend to create accelerated motility, or a reverse osmotic GI Tract effect, where you`re taking water out of the body, dehydrating the body, placing it into the intestinal tract, and depleting the body of nutrients. So fiber is a great thing for those that aren`t getting enough roughage, or have GI tract issues, however in terms of emergency situations, or emergency nutrient health, fiber really isn`t required, and that`s why we don`t deliver fiber with this. We`re trying to sustain blood glucose, sustain nutrient values, sustain body hydration, to sustain life with LifeCapsâ„¢.

7. Q: Are LifeCapsâ„¢ generally "OK` for folks on medications?
A: We are only talking about capsule dosages here, so even with the amount of cane sugar in LifeCapsâ„¢ potentially raising blood glucose, is that enough calorically to do something for folks that may have issues with sugar? And the answer is probably not, but one should always consult their physician in these matters, particularly those on prescription medicines. We are only delivering nutrient intake here of vitamins and minerals that are recommended on a daily intake basis by FDA. So it`s not as though we are creating some side effect, or cross-ill effect, with most prescription medicines, or over the counter branded intake, but it`s always good to consult a physician or medical advice before taking any product, nutrient, or otherwise.

8. Q: Are LifeCapsâ„¢ approved by the FDA?
A: We are in complete compliance under dietary and nutritional supplement law, just like any other product would be that is generally recognize as safe, with vitamins and minerals and food grade constituents, that are all natural, therefore, we are compliant with the law. FDA doesn`t approve products unless they`re in a drug category. There are five separate areas I deal in: drug law, cosmetic law, food and beverage law, flavor law, and dietary and nutritional supplement law. LifeCapsâ„¢ are a dietary nutritional supplement and we are in complete compliance with that law. We designed LifeCapsâ„¢ so one does not have to necessarily take the capsule. You can break it open, drop it into the recommended amount of drinking water and drink this. It is a pleasant taste. It is not a mediciny aroma or taste that one would associate normally with a lot of non-efficacious multi-vitamins, because LifeCapsâ„¢ are all natural and everything we are using in them is good for you.

9. Q: Should a child be taking lower amounts of LifeCapsâ„¢ than adults?
A: With children, body weight and exercise enter into this, so if it`s three for an average adult in terms of LifeCapsâ„¢ daily intake, the recommended amount for a child that is one-half to maybe one-third or one-fourth the body weight of an adult, one should act accordingly in terms of those dosages given. So should a child be taking less than adults? Probably so.

10. Q: How do LifeCapsâ„¢ differ from diet pills?
A: Diet pills tend to be real drugs, or real stimulants, with real potential harmful side effects. I don`t think I have to mention too many for folks to know that there are things that were taken off the market, like Fen-Fen, that can be extremely dangerous, if not death-inducing. Again, LifeCapsâ„¢ are not a stimulant and are not a drug! LifeCapsâ„¢ are an all-natural supplementation of vitamins and minerals to assist body nutrient intake. Therefore, from a diet standpoint, or a satiety standpoint, LifeCapsâ„¢ are fundamentally different than harsh stimulants or bad side-effect diet drugs.

11. Q: Could LifeCapsâ„¢ be used as a diet pill?
A: LifeCapsâ„¢ helps sustain satiation, which then means you are less hungry, which means you then can burn stored body fat with proper other nutritional intake with water intake or hydration intake and probably with regular low-impact exercise, and could that assist in terms of body weight loss? The answer is yes, but it`s always in combination with everything I`ve just mentioned. America thinks that they can go out and eat a quart of ice cream and then take one magic pill and not have any consequences. LifeCapsâ„¢ is not a diet pill in that regard, it`s not some of these new brand-names out there that start with A " etc., that you can`t even find on the shelves because everybody`s so desperate for a magic pill (and all have serious warning labels and side effects). LifeCapsâ„¢ is not a magic pill, LifeCapsâ„¢ is real dietary supplementation to help curb dietary caloric intake, that then allows you to burn body weight, but again with regular physical exercise, and regular healthy caloric intake for a specific person of a specific predisposition. A great deal of multi-vitamins out there are compressed, or so densely coated with artificial shellacs and fake colorings or sealants, that they`re not even broken down in the enzymatic stomach acids to even get into the blood stream. In fact, the leading brand in the United States that everyone seems to take, is passed right through the gut, and you get NO nutrient value out of it whatsoever. Even if it were broken down and you crushed it, to try to get it into the bloodstream, many of the vitamins and minerals are synthetic, and therefore not recognized by the body, and then pass through just as powder.

12. Q: So what`s the difference between LifeCapsâ„¢ and a lot of leading multi-vitamin brands over-the-counter out there?
A: LifeCapsâ„¢ work, the others don`t.

13. Q: Can one use LifeCapsâ„¢ as a multi-vitamin?
A: Absolutely, because this is efficacious nutrient value of metabolizable vitamin minerals at the recommended daily intake, that actually are utilized into the body. So could it be used as a multi-vitamin in addition to the other attributes? The answer is yes.

14. Q: How can LifeCapsâ„¢ help obesity?
A: Obesity, or morbid obesity, is a MAJOR problem in America. For those out there interested in looking for a straight forward and easy to understand book, I would recommend a very fast read, in very simple language called: Fat Land: How Americans Became the Fattest People In The World " by Greg Critzer. And you can buy it in paperback for pennies on the dollar used, you don`t have to go out and buy a new hardbound book. But it explains the food politics out there, and how the food and beverage chain have been truly dumbed-down, and how there are bulking ingredients out there that actually harm health and have contributed to obesity. A major culprit in this area is High Fructose Corn Syrup, which is converted into stored body fat or triglycerides in the body, leading to cardiovascular disease, diabetes and obesity.

15. Q: For someone who has extra weight on them, or significant extra weight, are you going to need to take more than three capsules of LifeCapsâ„¢ per day?
A: Yes, you probably are, just based on body weight and mass, or lack of exercise, for nutrient supplementation. It should allow for satiety, or satiation, so that you`re not eating additional calories to contribute to stored body fat. It`ll depend on the specific person, specific body weight, and specific activity and their other caloric intake, but hydration is key. Hydration without High Fructose Corn Syrup that is! Drinks like water and real whole-raw milk are good. In terms of intake, should you take all the LifeCapsâ„¢ at once, or should you take them over a period of a day? My suggestion is that you try to dose it out over the entire day, to sustain your blood-glucose level, so that you are not eating additional, or abnormally large, amounts of calories.

16. Q: What about using LifeCapsâ„¢ in association with cardiovascular disease, blood thinners, high cholesterol, diabetes, hypoglycemia, insulin resistance?
A: All people, whether medically compromised, or not, need recommended daily intakes of real vitamins and minerals. Some, in some categories, actually need more to help correct their situation.

17. Q: Is LifeCapsâ„¢ efficacious in a lot of these categories, and will it in any way harm or adversely interact with any other medications?
A:LifeCapsâ„¢ intake will again depend on the individual, but as a general statement, not a specific statement, LifeCapsâ„¢ is delivering nutrient value that is required of any individual, whether on prescription medicines, or not.

18. Q: Why LifeCapsâ„¢? Why was it developed and how hard was it to do?
A: I personally had never really thought about developing such a "good for you product` until it was brought to me by the founder of LifeCapsâ„¢ as a concept. I live in a very unique part of the food chain, the beginning of it, and realized that there was real potential opportunity to help people here, and that`s why I got interested in it and developed LifeCapsâ„¢. In terms of difficulty, yes, it was extremely difficult, and this took many years and decades of knowledge in nutrition and human metabatolization to properly vet in terms of metabolic affect, absorption, and utilization. Said another way, if this were easy, someone would have done it long ago, or already.

19. Q: Why didn`t somebody do this before or why can`t somebody also do this?
A: It was a number of indices that came together at the right time, with the right formulator, with the correct individuals with LifeCapsâ„¢ company, and do I foresee others trying to knock this off or imitate it; they can try, but they won`t be first to market, they will not be as efficacious in metabolic effect, and as a result, LifeCapsâ„¢ is going to do what previously has not been offered in the marketplace, and build brand and build brand loyalty because it works.

20. Q: Who can use LifeCapsâ„¢?
A: There is a very broad and wide spectrum. Basically, if I were to be a little callous in my answer, I would say 310-315 million people in the US are candidates. However, with the active lifestyles that are out there, and even sedentary lifestyles of folks that are in senior homes, nutritional depletion from food and beverage is a major problem, and as a result of that, real supplementation is required. So whether you`re out skiing, whether you`re out running a triathlon or marathon, whether it`s just a daily round of golf, whether you`re taking the kids to the soccer game, picking up groceries, and missed a meal, or you`re looking to knock off a few pounds and pass the double-cappuccino or ice-cream parfait or fruit smoothies with empty calories, LifeCapsâ„¢ can deliver this nutrient need and requirement for your body and assist you in that regard.

21. Q: How did you get into LifeCapsâ„¢?
A: I would just like to say the reason I got into LifeCapsâ„¢, I saw an opportunity to help folks. This is not really about money, it`s about building a brand that truly helps people. If you don`t have a moral foundation, an efficacious foundation, in terms of what the product really is and does, you don`t have a brand that is sustainable. LifeCapsâ„¢ is actually going to help people globally, because it does indeed do what it says, and as a result of that, LifeCapsâ„¢ is going to benefit people in unsafe situations, dangerous situations, emergency situations, as well as everyday normal mundane situations. So I look forward to LifeCapsâ„¢ really helping folks, because that`s what the intent was from the beginning.

22. Q: Is it possible to overdose on LifeCapsâ„¢?
A: I think you could overdose on drinking too much water; it`s called drowning. I think you could overdose on air; it`s called hyperventilation. We are a society of extremes and tend to think in extreme, as opposed to common sense and moderation, or at least that`s what`s portrayed in the media these days. What I would recommend common sense and moderation are always preferred, and yes, if you consume too much of anything at too high an amount, in too short a period of time, could it potentially harm you? The answer is potentially yes. So should someone be downing 60 pills of LifeCapsâ„¢ on a daily basis, the answer is absolutely no, it`s ridiculous, it`s stupid, and it`s unwise. Intake amounts of LifeCapsâ„¢ do depend on an individual, their specific needs, their specific weight and exercise regiment, their other specific intake medically or calorically, and common sense should be the approach with LifeCapsâ„¢. The LifeCapsâ„¢ recommend daily intake is three per day. Are six LifeCapsâ„¢ a day going to harm anyone? The answer is no, potentially on those indices I`ve indicated, common sense should be the rule of thumb here. Pre-menopausal or menopausal women, and lack of hormonal activity or estrogen that occurs during this period of time; will LifeCapsâ„¢ in any way adversely react with medication or potentially harm? And the answer is no. LifeCapsâ„¢ are dietary nutritional supplementation, and it would be true with most absorbable vitamins and minerals that assist body functions; therefore LifeCapsâ„¢ should assist in terms of potential things like hot-flashes, but that would be true of any caloric intake with efficacious and soluble vitamins and minerals. With LifeCapsâ„¢ you`re doing it with significantly less caloric intake. Specifically, LifeCapsâ„¢ is a neutral pH so it isn`t too acidic, or too alkaline, and therefore in terms of stomach reaction or acid reflux, or ulceration of the stomach, should LifeCapsâ„¢ in any way create a side effect in that regard? I would say hypothetically or potentially no, is it going to be true in all situations, no, but certainly for the vast majority of them, it should not create such an adverse effect.