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Published:November 4th, 2008 11:00 EST

Teen Pregnancies Tied To Sexy TV Shows

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Groundbreaking research suggests that pregnancy rates are much higher among teens who watch a lot of TV with sexual dialogue and behavior than among those who have tamer viewing tastes.
`Sex and the City,` anyone? That was one of the shows used in the research.

The new study is the first to link those viewing habits with teen pregnancy, said lead author Anita Chandra, a Rand Corp. behavioral scientist. Teens who watched the raciest shows were twice as likely to become pregnant over the next three years as those who watched few such programs."

The Associated Press

I`m not surprised by the results of this study, after all "monkey see, monkey do." Teenagers are in a hurry to grow up, and if they are bombarded with depictions of adults having sex on TV, we can hardly be shocked if the racy shows influence them to have sex.

What is an anxious parent to do when most prime time programming is saturated with sex? Prohibiting our children from watching the boob tube is not the answer, TV shows can be watched online and on iPods.

I know a mother who brags that her kids can`t watch any TV, they are only allowed to watch pre-approved DVD`s. But a child will soon grow weary of the complete collection of "Little House on the Prairie." I`m betting her young charges rebel by watching sexier fare, including por*ography, online.

We see glamorous and attractive actors having sex on TV, but we never see them at the clinic being treated for an STD, and their sexual trysts rarely result in a pregnancy. Parents must sit down with their kids and teach them the consequences of having sex. We must counsel or youth to abstain from sex, but at the same time we must teach them about birth control.

Communication is the key, point out to your kids that a show called "Sex and the City" is going to have a very narrow focus, namely sex. Let them know that very few women are as promiscuous as the ladies of this sit-com. But don`t prohibit them from watching this or any other show, if a parents bans a program it will only make it "Must See TV" and they will watch it at the home of a friend or online.

I will end with this warning: If you don`t communicate with your daughter and chat with her about sex and self-respect, she will learn about sex from Samantha Jones (Kim Cattral).

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