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Published:November 10th, 2008 18:47 EST
Glennn Brandon Burke: Update On My LifeCapsTM Challenge

Glennn Brandon Burke: Update On My LifeCapsTM Challenge

By Glenn Brandon Burke (Mentor/Speaker)

  Hey, Glenn Brandon Burke!
Update On My LifeCapsTM Challenge
(Motivational Speaker / Author / Columnist)
Glenn Brandon Burke, M.A.Ed, is a...
Motivational College Speaker * Author * Columnist * Master Educator * CEO
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I Survived My 72 Hour LifeCapsTM Challenge
and Just for Good Measure, Continued on for an Additional 24 Hours, for A Total of 96 Hours of Living on LifeCaps!
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_________________________________________________________________________________________Hey, Hey, Everybody!
As you know, last Tuesday, November 4, 2008, I began the 72 hour LifeCaps challenge to see if I could survive in an emergency situation should the need arise.

Well, I`m very happy and healthy to announce that the LifeCaps challenge was a success! As a matter of fact, upon the completion of my 72 hours (Friday), I decided to take it on for one more day -- making it a total of 96 of living on LifeCaps and water.
Please allow me to share my experience...When I began the "72 hour LifeCaps Challenge" it was to test my friend and LifeCaps Founder, Daryl Stevenett. Not that I ever doubted him, but I`ve NEVER gone without eating for 72 hours, and quite honesty, think about all the unfortunate victims due to natural disasters -- people who couldn`t survive due to lack of food. Well, when Daryl told me he wanted to prove a point, himself, survived on LifeCaps for 17 days (, I thought I should try for at least three-days (72 hours).
Day 1 (Nov 4 -- Election Day): 11:00 A.M. began with one LifeCaps and a cup of water. By 1:30 P.M. I was hungry and took one LifeCaps and a cup of water. At 3:45 P.M. I was once again hungry, so this time I took two LifeCaps. That was cool, and held me until 8:00 P.M. I took one more and went back to work on the computer. I did take an additional LifeCaps at 11:45 P.M. which held me well until I went to sleep at 3:30 A.M. A total of six LifeCaps taken in my 24 hour day.
The only issue I came across was my late night food craving which was easily curbed at 11:45 P.M. with a LifeCaps. Also, knowing in my mind I had the luxury of being at home with plenty of LifeCaps may have psychologically altered my fear of "having" to survive. Regardless, I did do it! And I continued this regime for the remaining three days.
I proved that a person in semi-decently health can survive 3 days, and a forth day as a bonus -- a total of 96 hours living on LifeCaps with what I believe to be in full physical and mental awareness.
LifeCaps was created as a survival pill for emergency situations. However, I did lose six lbs in those four days. But as I write this article, which is now three days since I completed the challenge, I have added 1.5 lbs. I currently weigh 203.5 and my blood pressure is 120/74.
You never know where you`ll be or in what situation. Wouldn`t it give you piece of mind knowing you and your family each have a bottle of LifeCaps, perhaps in your car or your child`s school pack-back -- just-in-case? I know I do. And so will my entire family when I send them each a bottle along with instructions to read through the web site and watch the videos on the site, too (
Please keep in mind that in a situation away from home, LifeCaps will keep you alive for X amount  of days. It did me for four days. If your situation shuts down the power, restaurants will not be able to sell food due to the fact that it may have gone bad. The food in your refrigerator may very well spoil. My point is, is that it`s better to be prepared for a situation that never happens than to not be prepared for one that does.
Remember, I`m just a motivational speaker who thought the LifeCaps Challenge would be fun to try in support of my friend, LifeCaps Founder, Daryl Stevenett.
On the front page of the LifeCaps web site is the nutritional information. Please check it out.
Good luck. Be well. Make smart choices. And I hope you`re never in a situation where you NEED LifeCaps.
Glenn Brandon Burke, M.A.Ed

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