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Published:December 29th, 2008 17:48 EST
Moms Breastfeeding

Facebook Deletes Pics Of Moms Breastfeeding

By Robert Paul Reyes

"According to a San Jose Mercury News report, a small group of protestors congregated in front of Facebook`s Palo Alto headquarters last Saturday, singing songs, nursing babies, and generally making a ruckus about the company rule that forbids fully-exposed breasts on the site.

A Facebook spokesman says the social net has no problem with nursing pics, provided they don`t violate site policy that prohibits visible nipples or areola." Jeff Bertolucci, PC World

I commend Facebook`s attempt to keep keep their social networking site nudity-free, but deleting pics of proud breastfeeding mothers is going a bit too far.

I have seen many images on Facebook of scantily-clad young ladies that are certainly more provocative than a beaming mom breastfeeding her baby.

There is nothing remotely obscene about an image that depicts a breastfeeding mom, regardless if her areola is visible or not.

There may be a niche market for people who get off on photographs of breastfeeding moms, but I`m sure the intentions of the moms who post such images are pure.

There are a lot of disturbing images on the Internet, but a picture of a mom breastfeeding her little angel won`t disturb a normal person. The Facebook censors should concentrate on removing spam and viruses from their site, and stop deleting wholesome images just because a prude complains.

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