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Published:February 11th, 2009 17:50 EST
How is 'Stimulus' bill affecting Health Care?

How is 'Stimulus' bill affecting Health Care?

By SOP newswire

By Dan Case 

Everyone, (myself included) had been focusing on the outrageous `PORK` spending, in the so-called "Stimulus" Bill and (as a result) missing the tons of `hidden language` within the bill. There`s one subject, that`s particularly alarming ... that WILL affect ALL of us -- when it comes to our health care.

The bill creates a new bureaucracy, called the "National Coordinator of Health Information Technology," (Notice the website`s already up and running) that will monitor our treatments. The stated purpose is; to make sure our doctors are doing what the federal government deems appropriate and cost effective. The goal is to reduce costs and guide our doctors` decisions in our medical treatment. (This does NOT have a voluntary ring to it.) Again, National Socialism.

When our doctors chose not to follow the electronically delivered protocols for a condition that they feel is atypical and would benefit from a different approach or when we want to try an experimental procedure, then the doctors face penalties. It`s vague as to what those penalties would be. The decision will be made by another newly created group of (UN-elected) bureaucrats, known as the Federal Coordinating Council for Comparative Effectiveness Research (also created by the `stimulus` bill). The Council`s role will be, to make the tough decisions your Congressman would never have the guts to make against you.

Here`s how it works: it changes the basis on which your coverage for a treatment is evaluated from `is it safe and effective?` to `is it cost effective?` In other words, if you`re over 55, You Are Toast ... The older you are, the less `cost effective` a treatment will be. Already in Canada, patients as young as mid-to-late 50s are being denied potentially lifesaving treatments for diseases, such as cancer, due to their being `too old` to justify such expense. This same approach is business as usual, in the UK and other countries, with single-payer health care systems as Obama`s advocating. Add to this the months and years long waiting lists, just for the diagnostic testing and you have a system that will literally, Kill You. Odd ... I was discussing this sort of `viability` issue with a close friend, just a few days ago ... Does anyone remember; "Logan`s Run?"

I urge everyone to get up to speed on this ... While the Stimulus Bill is in conference committee, we need to demand our representatives and senators strip this crap out of the bill, before final passage -- assuming we don`t succeed in killing the stimulus bill altogether, (OK, I can dream, can`t I?!)

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