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Published:May 7th, 2009 22:49 EST
University Bans Shaking Hands At Graduation To Stop Spread Of Swine Flu

University Bans Shaking Hands At Graduation To Stop Spread Of Swine Flu

By Robert Paul Reyes


It`s a graduation tradition: a congratulatory handshake along with your diploma. But Wednesday night, the H1N1 flu virus has the University of Illinois at Chicago banning the handshakes. And UIC isn`t alone. CBS 2 Chief Correspondent Jay Levine questions, is the fear getting out of hand?`

`It really offends my southern sense of hospitality when I cannot shake each of your hands, but I am sure that you will all understand and even appreciate that we are just trying to keep everyone safe,` said a woman handing out diplomas at UIC."

More people contract diseases from shaking hands than from engaging in sex. Shaking hands is the an unhygienic and filthy practice that should be banned from civilized society.

Americans consider it an insult not to accept a handshake, and many times I find myself in social situations where I can`t escape shaking hands. If someone just sneezed into his hands or picked his nose, I will politely decline his handshake. Unfortunately, in most situations I`m forced to shake hands with people who are strangers to sanitary practices.

If women knew that men routinely leave public restrooms without washing their hands, they would never again shake hands with any guy.

Shaking hands is un unsanitary gesture of greeting fit for barbarians, and not for civilized society. A civilized country should come up with a more sanitary way for citizens to greet and acknowledge each other -- how about a simple nod or a flash of the peace sign?

I commend the administrators of the University of Illinois at Chicago for banning handshakes at the graduation ceremony. President Obama, the head of Homeland Security, and local government officials should follow the lead of UIC and plead with the citizenry to refrain from shaking hands while we are in the midst of the H1N1 flu outbreak.

Don`t be afraid to refuse to shake hands with someone who has a cold or the flu -- better to hurt someone`s feeling than to come down with H1N1.