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Published:June 15th, 2009 09:55 EST
News From John Basedow and Fitness Made Simple

News From John Basedow and Fitness Made Simple

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New TV show segment...Fun on Washington DC`s top drivetime radio show...Exciting Twitter contest to win FREE FMS DVD...Special savings on fat loss supplement!

1. New TV Show Segment - My Q/A segment from this weeks broadcast of the new TV show, Live It Up! with Donna Drake & Fran Capo, is now online at: out the benefits of "cheat meals" and "off days"!  I`m also very excited about the fun segments I`ve been doing for Taste This TV, a national cooking series that runs on over 200 US TV stations.  I appear on the new season, starting this summer nationwide, where I rate various restaurant meals on my "Foodie Trifecta 3 P`s Scale" in terms of how pleasing they are to the palate, pocketbook, and paunch.  That`s also called the BTW guide...good for the budget, tastebuds, and waistline.  I`m hoping to help people eliminate all of the guesswork when it comes to eating out.

2. Top Drivetime Radio Show - I got a chance to catch-up with my buddies, Elliot and Diane, on Elliot In The Morning, which is the top drivetime radio show in Washington DC.  The usual shenanigans ensued as we chatted about reality TV, Celebrity Apprentice, "Speidi", and the new one-two punch plan I`m working on to battle the growing epidemic of childhood obesity.  Checkout the full interview at:

3. Twitter Contest - Heard of Twitter?  Well, if you haven`t, you need to move out from under that rock. :)  New Contest - Our new Fitness Made Simple mall ads are across the country. Whoever finds one and emails in a photo of it, along with the mall/city/state location to our Twitter site ( wins a free FMS abs workout DVD!  Note: *You must be in the photo with the FMS poster, write the mall location in your email, and join our Twitter site to win the FREE DVD. An example is below. To join our Twitter site, just go to, follow the instructions to sign-up, and then send your written message to us by starting it with "@JohnBasedow".

4. Special Fat Loss Supplement Savings - Spring into shape for beach season!  Order our best-selling fat loss supplement, Pyruvate, by June 20th and you get a FREE FMS DVD of your choice along with a $5 DISCOUNT.  Just go to, place an order for Pyruvate, and write "EMAIL SPECIAL" along with the name of which FMS DVD you want for FREE in the "Promo Code" space on the order form to get your $5 DISCOUNT.  Fight fat while saving money to be lean and defined by summer!


When you`re ready to take control of your body, health, and life...
This is the book to get.


REMINDER - One of my biggest goals for this year is to have our book, Fitness Made Simple: The Power to Change Your Body & Life, make the New York Times Bestseller List!  It`s the work I`m most proud of because this book contains a complete blueprint for anyone to build the body of their dreams and start living the life they`ve always wanted.  It eliminates all of the guesswork by providing the exact lean muscle building exercises and fat fighting nutritional meal plan, including recipes which take 5 minutes or less to prepare, that myself and thousands of other male and female Fitness Made Simple Members, from teenagers to grandparents, have used to achieve their goals.  If you haven`t ordered a copy yet, please do so today.  Every order helps further increase awareness that we don`t have to settle for less than what we want and that we all have the power to look and feel great.  You can get it at or at your local Borders and Barnes & Noble bookstores.


* For every Fitness Made Simple: The Power to Change Your Body & Life book purchased, a portion of the proceeds is being donated to the Step Out! Walk To Fight Diabetes.  I`m the Honorary Spokesperson for the walk being held in NY on October 11th and I hope to see many of the FMS Members participate.  So, if you don`t already have it, order the FMS book on and start doing your part to raise awareness about how to manage, treat, and prevent diabetes and its devastating effects.

Your Friend,