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Published:July 3rd, 2009 16:23 EST
Alternative Medicine - A Modest Inquiry

Alternative Medicine - A Modest Inquiry

By Askin Ozcan (Mentor)

What is alternative medicine? Mostly, this term is used for the alternative medical knowledge beyond the Western medicine. Homeopathy, Chinese medicine, Ayurveda, Natural medicine, Folk Medicine are some of the alternative medical methods we find beyond Western medical.

I am not a specialist in any of these. Yet to compare these different medical knowledge systems requires a deep study in all of them. "Medicine" or "Medical Practice" is an "art "in all its forms, including the "Western medicine" although it is based on science. My inquiry in this article is only a very modest one, comprising some personal experiences in this line, which perhaps can only lead the reader to further studies. One thing for sure, these different medical schools all have their "prides" and "prejudices".

There are more conflicts among them than a  co-operation  which one would expect, to the benefit of human health. Sometimes, scientific inquiries about the "alternative medical methods" end up with very useful results, but they take a very long time to incorporate into the "Western medicine" either because of the nature of science, which requires exhaustive tests; or because of the nature of marketing which uses exhaustive pressures to win the markets. Modern medicines which cure one illness, but generate several others, is only one example for the latter.

Let`s look at a few concrete examples which lead me to write this article:

EDTA Treatments:

This synthetic protein was first used to treat patients in 1950, which had too much heavy metal in their bloods. As a side effect, it was observed that EDTA also cleaned the arteries of their plaque and thereafter private clinics started to use it to cure and prevent heart diseases, while hospitals abstained from that, awaiting scientific results to the pros and cons of this treatment, for this purpose.

Today, EDTA treatment of heart diseases is still not taught in the medical schools, still not in practice in the hospitals, but every year millions of patients get this treatment in North America and elsewhere in the world and confirm its usefulness as they experience improvement in their health conditions.

Recently a government project has been started in North America, by the National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine which opened 120 clinics across the U.S.A. and Canada to treat people with heart problems by EDTA. This signals the 3rd phase in the studies re EDTA, thereafter perhaps it will be accepted as an official therapy for heart diseases. -- A private clinic in Copenhagen, Denmark (Institute of Orthomolecular Medicine) has treated 60.000 patients in thirty year with EDTA chelation with no fatalities and 90% success. This is not the case for by-pass operations in which 2-3 % die during the operation, 2-3% immediately after the operation; one doesn`t come to himself for six months and the legs function well for one year, but not thereafter. Also, by-pass operations remedy the three major veins feeding the heart, but not the tiny veins, so one can still get small heart attacks after the by-pass operations. In the case of EDTA treatment, smaller blood vessels are also cleaned.

There are claims that EDTA chelation can give serious side effects such as kidney failure, shock, too low blood pressure, seizure, bone marrow problems, depletion of useful minerals and vitamins, but this is rejected by the clinics applying this treatment as "under proper lab and doctor control, none of these side effects occur and minerals and vitamins are either added to the drop or taken orally and all other functions are monitored regularly before, during and after the treatment".

Some sources for information for EDTA chelation are:

Google and Yahoo information are full of additional information on this matter.
Another major subject of interest, in the current alternative medicine field, is:

This is a quantum physics developed version of "acupuncture" invented by Prof. William Nelson who worked for NASA for twenty years, now active in Budapest, Hungary.

SCIO boasts of being able to diagnose over 9000 illnesses in 4 minutes with the aid of a special computer program and responding to these illnesses in subsequent sessions. Depending on the experience of the doctors employing this method, many illnesses are claimed to be cured.
A few information web-sites are available, again in the google and yahoo information.

Private clinics in many countries can provide information on the specific treatments they can offer based on SCIO.
Indeed, an interactive approach among various medical schools seem to be the best way to benefit human health, although this may not always be the best for the benefit of the pharmaceutical companies or the established bureaucratic systems.








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