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Published:July 19th, 2009 10:41 EST
Stockholm's New Unique Clinic: Combining Conventional and Alternative Medicine

Stockholm's New Unique Clinic: Combining Conventional and Alternative Medicine

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Siktgatan 1, Vinsta- Vällingby,

(Tel: 076-257 40 54

Dr. Peter Aspelin for further info. 

Easily accessible both by public transport from Vällingby and by car. 

What makes this health clinic unique is that it combines conventional and alternative medicine with medical experts from both areas, giving the patients the chance to obtain treatments which are not obtainable in hospitals.

One such unique treatment method is SCIO, which has been invented by Prof. William Nelson who has worked for NASA for 20 years. SCIO is quantum physics developed version of acupuncture, which uses the energy fields of the body, in diagnosing over 9,000 diseases in four minutes, with the aid of a computer and cures some of them in subsequent sessions. In the U.S.A., Europe and the rest of the world, it is spreading rapidly as a popular treatment. In Norway there are 140 clinics already using SCIO and it is now becoming popular in Sweden as well.

Askin Ozcan, an international author living in Haninge, who has published six books in the U.S.A. says: "I have had six heart attacks in a year and have been offered a by-pass operation. But, its side-effects scare me, besides I have a terrible fobia against this very major operation. I am told by experts that SCIO can help me, (like EDTA - a process which cleans the arteries chemically, a treatment not yet available in Sweden), in cleaning my arteries and bringing me back to health. I am definitely going to try SCIO in Vinsta FriskvÃ¥rdcenter, although it is at quite a distance from Haninge."

Vinsta FriskvÃ¥rdscenter will offer conventional medical services, different alternative therapies, digital medicine, SPA treatments, massage, and other health services.