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Published:August 22nd, 2009 09:33 EST
Joy of Fatherhood and Husband-Hood.

Joy of Fatherhood and Husband-Hood.

By Mark Freedman

If I could cook, I would cook. It seems that every time I try to cook something nice for my wife, it always results in potentially filing for a divorce. Sure it seems easy, but when you have to put different food groups together and fight severe Bipolar Disorder at the same time, it becomes very difficult.

 So I have come to the conclusion that cereal and toast are the best way to carry on a happy marriage. That is what I can cook. This is what I like to eat. Which brings me to Anger Management? If we are going to live in harmony with one another then we need to communicate our feelings in a loving manner. Life is fragile and always hanging in the balance of time and emotions. When you don`t think there is enough time to fulfill your dreams then you become anxious and frightful. But listen to me.

Dreams are meant to be broken. There is always a new dream in your heart. Inspired by the changing in the weather. Inspired by the voices of family and children. My daughter inspires me.

My wife inspires me. My heart is filled with Joy. The sounds of the city rest in my head. The warmth of the night air lay dormant in my mind. Snow is falling somewhere and everyone sleeps at the end of the day. Don`t let your day go by without curling up next to the one you love, whispering the sound of I love you, followed by a cheerful kiss.

It is Friday in Kalispell, and there is no dinner on the table. There is however, a family together. Ready to eat brownies....

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