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Published:August 23rd, 2009 18:17 EST
Essential First Aid for Sexual Violence Victims

Essential First Aid for Sexual Violence Victims

By Zoneziwoh Mbondgulo

Assessing the impact of the Government, together with some Local & International bodies signing many conventions to fight against women`s right, which is still to fully respect these conventions reflected yearly on  March 8th to update the women`s statues.

Though in many local regions within Cameroon and in the world, the government and other stakeholders have been unable to empower women economically, politically and legally of which they constitute the engine to development.

For instant, 40% of Cameroonian women who worked receive fewer salaries than their male counterparts who do the same job, meanwhile, efforts to eradicate injustice against women in the domain of training, employment, revenue and food security in tandem with the UN millennium development goals, MDGs to fight discrimination against women`s violence such that, they could play a major role in sustaining prosperity, peace & security in the sub-region seems to be a no action.

So far, the rampant occurrence of girls, married and unmarried women, rarely cases of men except for homosexuals experiencing violent, which could be in force of sexual encounters by husbands or boyfriends and other forms of domestic violence has been a call for concern. And thus, needs for Essential First aid for sexual violence victims.

This is an upcoming documentary which serves as an immediate First aid before the victim(s) could go for proper medical checkups, or reporting the incident to any authority.

Your say?

I appreciate your support in contributing for the success of this initiative.

Many thanks

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