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Published:August 23rd, 2009 16:15 EST
Real Health Care for America

Real Health Care for America

By Richard Taylor

Our world, our society, and our lives, are based on what we think we believe. Think about it. In today`s world, people have forgotten how to think. With the technological boom came things like the cell phone, GPS`s, and computers, to name a few. We`re always in touch, and can find where we are with the click of a button. Isn`t it marvelous? But now we don`t have to think. We rely on gadgetry to exist. What would we do without them? I hate to think. Oh, that`s right, I would have to think!

So now we come to the dilemma of our lives. Health care reform. But people don`t want to think about that. That`s too hard. They would rather listen to what other people have to say, so they don`t have to think. They would have to do the research and find out, not through what others say, but what it really means, and how it impacts their lives.

Welcome to the real world. The world of thinking. Come on America. Join the party. You were blessed with the amazing capacity to think, so let`s do a little of it. We all came together and elected a great man who can think to lead us in the dysfunctional state we are in. He took on the big mess our country is in and is trying to make it right. He has taken on some monumental tasks, and has made great strides. And now he is trying to right one of the biggest problems America faces right now. That`s right. Health care.

In one of the greatest nations on the face of the planet we have 45 million Americans that are uninsured, therefore, without healthcare. How can that be? I`ll tell you how. It`s because we are still trying to run on the old politics of division and fear. And who are the promoters of this? I have done the research, so I know what I`m talking about. I know I`m going to catch a lot of flak over this, but if the truth hurts, it must be right. The Republicans, who call themselves the conservatives. This I will call "The Special Interest" group, which also includes the insurance and pharmaceutical companies.

Did you know that 1% of the world`s population owns 80% of its wealth? Hmmm, must be these mega corporations I read about. You know, like Bill Weldon, CEO of Johnson and Johnson Pharmaceutical Corporation, who he himself plundered in 29.4 million dollars while his company made 63.7 billion dollars. And that`s just a scratch on the surface.

So President Obama has taken on the responsibility of making this right with America, and that is not floating with the special interest groups. It`s going to hurt their bottom line, which is the almighty dollar. But what good is the buck if you`re not around to spend it? So the special interest spreads around talk of death panels in the healthcare reform, when in actuality, the death panels are the insurance company committees that come together and decide who their going to deny coverage to because it`s going to cost them money. So they deny you coverage for any number of reasons and decide your fate. "This one dies because it is going to hurt our bottom line". And it happens all the time, and this is what Obama is fighting for. He is fighting for your right to live. Pretty powerful realizations, aren`t they?

The Declaration of Independence says that we have the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, and that these rights will be "secured" by the government, deriving these powers from the consent of the governed. But the special interest spread myths and takes anything that is said out of context and then tries to get you to "believe" it. Come on America. Wake up and start thinking. There is no gadget you`re going to find to tell you what to do. The only gadget I know of is your brain. Use it for a change.

Our forefathers escaped the tyranny of oppression that they suffered over 2 hundred years ago. To the best of their ability they wrote the constitution, but there was no way for them to see into the future of now, so they only covered things that existed for their times. Oppression can be forthright, and it can also be very subtle and devious. And that is what we are dealing with right now. The subtle and devious oppression. We are oppressed from healthcare, which means life, by the special interest group, who would rather have the dollar as opposed to your right to live. Do they have the morality to say we`re not going to cover you, so you`re going to die, and we don`t care.

I have three words that pretty much well cover what this group actually is. Un-American, unpatriotic, and inhumane. And it is all in the quest for power of money. And people will say "It`s the American way". It has a narcissistic nature to it. Google unpatriotic conservatives and narcissistic conservatives and you will see what I mean. And could this special interest group also be the ones that have always bolstered the use of alcohol and tobacco. They are poisons. And they are a burden to society. They will, and do, kill you. Not only that, but alcohol has killed many innocents by the use of this drug that makes you drunk to where you can`t control yourself, so you go out and run over people and crash into cars. They do not sustain life; they only keep it around to profit from it. Is that the pursuit of happiness, and it only applies to them? They are the corporations that make this poison. Where`s the life and liberty in that. And then they smear the one safe drug that we have and make it illegal.

Yes, I`m talking about marijuana. We know that millions use it. And I`ve never heard of any accident caused by someone that was stoned, only drunk drivers. Don`t you think maybe we should legalize it and let the corporations take over and grow it? They would make millions off of it and the government could tax it. But no, that makes too much sense. Could it be because the special interest groups have us believing otherwise? They spend billions on advertising to get us to believe what they want us to. There`s control in advertising, for it forms our belief systems, and we can`t really see it. See how subtle narcissism can be?

So it all comes down to this. The majority decides what is morally right. And the majority is influenced by all the advertising they hear. And this advertising doesn`t have to be true. It can spread myths and lies to the point that people believe it because they have forgotten how to think. I heard this on a documentary on healthcare in other countries. They said the reason why America is in the state it is in now is because they keep the people poor, demoralized, and frightened all the time by the use of its media and advertising. Keeping them like this equals control of the American people. And you hear this all the time, but you never think.

So you know what conclusion I have come to from all of this? We are not truly free. Oh, we think we are, but yet, we are controlled in such a subtle manner that we can`t even see it.

And when we have questions, we run to a document that is over two hundred years old that was written for that time, not the times of the present. Our forefathers were brilliant when they wrote it, but they could not see into the future. I agree with and respect everything that it says, but it needs to be updated. Is there anybody out there brave enough to see this and do it?

What has spurred me on to write this is I read the book "The People of the Lie", and if you can understand it and see through it`s subtle, it is like a blue print of Americans. We are all living a lie, and it`s time for us to wake up and see this. I volunteer myself to be your true freedom fighter. America can be so much more, but it has to become aware of it. You see, I had a stroke nine years ago and had a supernatural experience that freed me from my bonds, and healed me of my stroke. It, in essence, woke me up.

So here is where we stand America. We have a leader now that can think. But not only that, he tells us what we "need" to hear, not what we want to hear, which has always been the fashion of our previous leader. By telling us what we want to hear, you keep the masses happy and quiet. But when we are told what we need to hear, it stirs us up, because it is the awful truth. And people don`t want to hear the truth because it tells them the way things really are, not what they would like to imagine, all warm and fuzzy and perfect. It`s a hard realization that has to be made by the masses.

So America, let us stand behind President Obama and quit listening to the special interest groups. They will only keep us shackled. I can just tell that President Obama is a good soul that is here to help us, to release us from bondage, so that we can really live, and truly be free. After all, we elected him, and I think it was the perfect choice. Amen.