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Published:August 29th, 2009 14:44 EST
The True Art of Self-Defense

The True Art of Self-Defense

By Ron G Anselm

     From the day we are born and as we go through the journey of life, we become accustom to knowing that the world we live in is not at times the safest or the best place to feel safe. You turn on the news and see another innocent person becoming a victim of senseless violence or a good person getting hurt by a violent, low life degenerate that has to hurt other people to build themselves up to satisfy their low self-esteem problem. But are we going to really take this and just say, Well, I really can`t do anything about it if I become a victim. " No!

       I believe everyone that is at least a good person needs to learn some form of self-defense. You don`t have to spend thousands of dollars on expensive Martial-Art lessons to learn how to defend yourself but you need to at least sign up for a class at your local YMCA or even go to the library or book store and buy a book on self-defense and train on your own time.

     There are over two-hundred forms of Martial-Arts out there. I have trained in the Martial-Arts for around twenty years now and have combined Lessons with self training and it has really instilled confidence in myself to feel that in any situation I may face where I may have to defend myself, I will  be able to successfully do it.

     Also, people think you have to have hundreds of different techniques in your arsenal to be able to defend yourself. That is not the case. An old Grand Master once said that, It is not how many moves you know but how well you know one move. " It does not take much to be able to instill damage on the human body, so if you know a few moves well you will be able to defend yourself.

     It is not so much being in shape and practicing your techniques to be able to defend yourself should you be forced to do so, it is just about one-hundred percent mental training to be able to not freeze up in a self-defense situation. You can lift weights, do push-ups and throw hundreds of kicks and punches everyday and train countless hours and still be defeated in a fight if you are not one-hundred percent mentally trained.

     It takes years of successful practicing of self-defense to be fully trained mentally to be able to not freeze-up when you have to knock that bully on his butt. When you practice your training, a good idea is to use the "imaginary opponent" technique type training where you do shadow sparring as if you are really in a street fight. You can see your opponent coming at you in your head and then you perform your techniques to counter his attack.

     If you have a real opponent, you both can spar together to practice the real life street situation. If you do spar with a real opponent, make sure to wear the proper protective gear. I would also throw punches, kicks, and techniques slowly and easy until you both get well trained in your techniques. It is very easy to hurt someone if you are not careful.

     Martial-Arts and Self-Defense training is also aerobic exercise. It is one of the top rated forms of exercise for aerobic training and to increase your heart rate for cardiovascular benefit. Again, I would start out slow and work up to where you want your goals of aerobic training to be but also consult your physician first before starting an exercise program to make sure you are healthy enough to do so.

     Another benefit of defending yourself is that size does not matter. I have heard people say that because someone may be big and tall that there is no one that could take them in a fight. That is completely not true. It is again being mentally trained and in shape to be able to perform your techniques properly with power and speed. Someone could be only five feet tall and take someone over six feet tall in a self-defense situation.  Being bigger and taller than your opponent does have its advantages but if the smaller person is more mentally trained and ready, they stand to have the advantage.

     A few forms of Martial-Arts or Self-Defense that are good and easy to learn are Kickboxing and Traditional Karate. Kick Boxing is an aerobic exercise in itself and is taught in lots of gyms today. It is easy to learn and you can learn fairly easy techniques in a short amount of time. The techniques when learned properly are easy to perform and are effective in many self-defense situations.

     Traditional Karate is more in detail and takes more time to train in the art to become proficient, but is very effective in almost every self-defense situation and is also a good health benefit with the aerobic training. These two forms of training are just a couple in the hundreds of forms out there today.  I would first check into what form of self-defense may interest you and if you do decide to take lessons from an instructor, go to a class or two to see if it is something you may want to pursue further.

     So, if you look at the benefits of getting in shape and instilling that inner confidence to be able to handle yourself in any situation and we all know in the world we live in today, having the confidence to walk down the street and not become a victim of senseless violence is really an asset to know and feel, then self-defense and the Martial-Arts is something to consider putting in your daily exercise routine.


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