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Published:November 9th, 2009 16:22 EST
Male Genital Mutilation

Male Genital Mutilation

By S. D.

Why circumcision should be stopped.

Millions of baby boys are circumcised every year in the USA. This practice of snipping off part of a baby`s pe*is, usually without anesthesia (since people have widely believed that anesthesia can be fatal to babies, and if not, that it would hurt as much to have the anesthesia done as it would to just have the circumcision done) has been around for centuries.

But recent studies have shown that, as usual, we have underestimated the senses of newborns. It`s become apparent that circumcision for babies, especially without anesthesia, is not only incredibly painful and traumatic, but it also increases the risk of choking in babies.

Then again, who really cares about the pain of the newborn? They won`t remember it anyway, right?

Actually, wrong. There are severe psychological effects associated with the trauma of a circumcision. Male circumcision is not much different from female circumcision both are forms of genital mutilation that leave a person scarred for life.

So what`s good about circumcision? Some studies say that circumcision helps prevent urinary tract infections in newborns, and that the chance of a circumcised man getting the rare penile cancer is slightly lower than the chance of an uncircumcised man getting it. There is also huge clamoring about how much easier it is to clean a circumcised p*nis.

What`s next? Cutting off the testicles at birth? That will help prevent testicular cancer in about 100% of men, right? And of course it will be so much easier to clean that area "


To circumcise a baby is to take away a part of him that cannot be replaced. By the time that baby grows up and realizes what he is missing, the effects of circumcision will undoubtedly have taken their toll. Nerves at the end of the pe*is will have become much more desensitized, reducing sexual pleasure drastically. The potential PTSD from a non-anesthetized circumcision will have become a part of that man`s life. And the betrayal that the man would feel because of what his parents allowed to have done to him would be irreversible.

If a grown man wants to be circumcised, he should have the option of having it done himself. It should not be forced upon him by his parents at an age where he cannot make the choice.

Circumcision at birth is wrong. It is an old-fashioned tradition that must be stopped, for the sake of all our men.


Reader Comments

I really appreciate Smaranda`s passionate piece about protecting boys from genital mutilation.

She makes great points about pain and human rights, but I would like to point out that the foreskin does more than protect the rest of the penis.  It is exquisitely pleasure-receptive in its own right.

Pathologist Dr. John Taylor of Canada has published histological work over the last 10 years that showed the foreskin includes about half of the sensual pleasure receptive nerve endings a male is born with.

Foreskin feels REALLY good.  HIS body, HIS decision.

-Ron Low