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Published:November 23rd, 2009 09:47 EST
Female Genital Mutilation: Result of The Organ Looking Like a Male`s Genital

Female Genital Mutilation: Result of The Organ Looking Like a Male`s Genital

By Prince Nelson Balina Omukisa Yiga

An Older Elder of one Village in Uganda says:

In Africa, it is called female concussion. However in the developed world, it is called Female Genital Mutilation and hopefully to make it sound better for the ears.

No matter how kind and well we may give it names the truth is female circumcision is a strong traditional ethic in many tribes in Africa. As is what`s called visiting the bush when girls who are reaching puberty are led to the gardens to use certain herbs to pull two little pieces of meat on the outer labia in order to have them long for proper stimulation when they get married. This and female circumcision has caused a stir in many young adults of the modern age.

Female circumcision is widely rejected because of the pain and also the benefits that do not help either the person mutilated or the husband to marry. Countries like Somalia, Ethiopia, Uganda, Kenya and many other societies in Africa still practice the tradition today.

Questions have loomed why they mutilate and for heaven`s sakes what is mutilated. When I went home to Uganda my birth place, I did take the questions to the elders who explained to me what happened in those old days hundreds of thousands of years ago.

It happens that many women have a small part on top of their private parts called the clitoris. A Part, which is more sensitive than any part in that area of a female body.

And as a Medical-Biology Major, I decided to dig deep and find out what constitute to the sweetness of this wonderful part that makes women itch when turned on, this part that makes them ask for a turn to the bathroom when kissed in a restaurant and this wonderful part that sometimes get women caught scratching.

 A larger clitoris resembling a small penis may have been the cause of female genital mutilation in many African traditions to keep young girls from being male and female at the same time. 

My investigation into the whole part brought me to find out what the old Sebei woman in Bugerere Uganda told me. In the old times when girls were checked for adulthood while reaching puberty, they found out that the girls had a penis like creature on top of their Vagina`s something that made the elders think that the female was abnormal. Having two organisms these days is a tough thought in our modern world. And though tiny and some invisible, the truth is that one cannot dispute the fact that many women have a little male looking part hidden inside them.

Some are large looking like a young boys un-circumcised penis sticking out when pulled and few just a simple pimple looking bump. This brought me to a consensus with my brain that in case this small piece of an atom " as I call it went to grow beyond it`s normal size, we end up calling that person abnormal or someone that has two genital organs well as the true fact is, it is just bigger than any other. And that`s my conclusion to my hypothesis and as I study and do more research the course of history my change for this wonderful part of the body many men do not even care to see, look at, touch or even caress because of ignorance. And if they only knew!

 An Egyptian girl being circumcised by a male village traditional doctor 

It was believed and still believed in many societies in Africa that when a woman grows a clitoris they are abnormal and that is one reason they chose to cut it not to embarrass the groom that would be married some day and the clan that would fail to get husbands for their daughters. All out of love for their children not hurt as it has turned out to be in the world eaten up by rights and female protection.

The Pulling game " or visiting the bush game " is a different practice and though it yields little pain which are normally itches from the herbs, it does add beauty to that little known place below and also constitutes to more orgasm and easy holding of men whose genitals are way far too small to hold them.

In the Buganda culture where this is more practiced a woman that did not do the practice will find it so hard to find a man. And though the practice is believed to be done by young adults who have not had sex before, those that end up at the wrong side of the line and have had sex can also do the pulling ". And this adds more to what I have named female genital anatomy that I want to research on as well.

In countries all over the world today, women live with the threat, or consequences, of Female Genital Mutilation (FGM). In Africa alone an estimated three million girls and women are subjected to the practice each year, and some 92 million of the continent`s female population are estimated to have been victims of FGM. 

The justification for the procedure changes from country to country. In some parts of the continent, religious scriptures are disingenuously invoked. In others parts it is cultural traditions that help keep the practice alive. But whatever the reasoning, the simple fact of the matter is that FGM is a blatant violation of the most fundamental human rights and must be eradicated.

Many States in which FGM is practiced are signatories to the African Union`s Protocol on the Rights of Woman, Article 5 of which explicitly calls for legislation banning FGM. And while there are positive signs of a shift away from the practice in many countries, the failure of many African Union States to ratify the Protocol and the scarcity of effective national legislation is hampering a more coordinated effort to rid the continent of this scourge. 

In a meeting, sponsored by the Italian government, that brought together law makers, NGOs, government ministers and community leaders as well women from throughout the African region who have dedicated, and sometimes even risked, their lives to ensure that future generations are not subjected to circumcision brought some of the powerful ladies on the continent among which Lady Suzanne Mubarak of Egypt and Janet Museveni of Uganda.

The meeting was a platform to issue a call to other African First Ladies to commit themselves to the abolition of FGM by joining a continent-wide effort to educate and legislate. Educate their communities - particularly women - about their rights under international law, and push for legislation that enshrines those rights at a national level. 

First Ladies Suzanne Mubarak of Egypt and Janet Museveni of Uganda are among those who have already spoken publicly - and vociferously - about their opposition to FGM. 

The only lesson learned in Uganda is that women across the country are empowered to resist FGM when the population as a whole, including women in both rural and urban areas, understand not only the health consequences of FGM but are made aware of women`s legal rights, as recognized and protected by the Constitution and by national laws however it will only be effective if and only if the older generation that wish to carry on the tradition and the beliefs of their regions are educated to understand something so hard to insert into their already un waving brains.

The truth is traditions that have effectively practiced their beliefs should be taught to modernize the practice by asking them to have a look at the health concerns for using un-safe tools and to educate them of the beautiful use of that little special very effective creature when it comes to feelings and marriage.