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Published:November 29th, 2009 10:50 EST
Swine Flu Vaccine Patented Six Months Before  First Cases of Swine Flu

Swine Flu Vaccine Patented Six Months Before First Cases of Swine Flu

By SOP newswire2

There are serious accusations that the swine flu virus which is infecting the world populations now, did not exist in the nature, but was constructed in the lab first. And somehow it fled to the outside world. Was this an accident or a deliberate attempt to cause an epidemic so that the swine flu vaccine could be sold which will bring its creators an estimated $ 49 billion this year?

The vaccine was patented six months before the first cases of swine flu appeared. 

Apparently the related pharmacy industries and the WHO and U.N. which supported them are reported to the FBI.

If the swine flu epidemic is a deliberate attempt to sell swine flu vaccine, its creators must be tried in a world tribunal, just the same as they tried the Jugoslav leaders for mass murder or as they tried the WW2 criminals for genocide. recently published an article that the swine flu vaccine causes miscarriages in pregnant women.

Swedish Aftonbladet daily published a list of 52 side effects of the vaccine, some of them very scary. Three persons died of the vaccine in Sweden. Swedish authorities are very quiet about the side effects, not to scare the people.

A female cheerleader in the U.S.A. was paralyzed because of the vaccine.

Also Turkish Ministry of Health sent a memorandum to all the vaccination centers in Turkey about similar side effects. A Turkish doctor went into coma while being vaccinated.

Similar incidents were recorded in Switzerland.

172.000 doses of vaccines sent to Canada by GlaxoSmithKline were called back, as they can trigger lethal allergic reactions and Canadian authorities were advised not to use them. How much of them are already used is unclear. 

The following article will bring to light many aspects of the swine flu and its vaccine.