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Published:December 29th, 2009 19:34 EST
The Princess and The Frog

The Princess and The Frog

By S. D.

We all dream of finding that special someone, the perfect soulmate, to share our lives with. And even if things don`t work out so great at first, it`s an appropriate reminder that the beginnings of most fairytales don`t work out so great either, but most of them (at least the Disney versions of them) end with a happily ever after.

But. (There`s always a but.)

I was told a (rather funny) story recently. Apparently, with the making of Disney`s Princess and the Frog, the AVMA and ARAV recently issued a warning - PLEASE DO NOT KISS FROGS. Why? Because they`re foul little creatures.

According to these particular organizations, around 400 people each year contract salmonella from none other than kissing - or otherwise placing their mouths on - frogs. (The person that told me this story also told me of a funny comment that was made - "And that`s only the people that do contract salmonella." In other words, the number of people out there actually kissing frogs is probably higher...)

While contracting salmonella might be a small price to pay if the frog you kiss actually turns into the handsome prince (or princess) you`ve been dreaming of, two things should be kept in mind:

1. If the frog doesn`t turn into your dream SO, you will look ridiculous for contracting salmonella from kissing a frog.
2. It is highly unlikely that the frog will turn into your dream SO, especially since there has been only one recorded case of this ever happening in all of history. (I`m talking about the original "Princess and the Frog" fairytale. Which probably doesn`t really count anyway. Especially since the frog in that story was a talking one...)

It`s clear that we all have dreams of finding the perfect someone. And there are certainly great lengths that it`s worthwhile to go to in order to find that perfect someone. However, complete ridiculousness is not one of those lengths. As such, I would like to repeat the previous public service announcement:

(If not for your sake, or even your dignity`s sake, then at least for theirs. They probably don`t enjoy being kissed by humans. Also, who knows what awful human disease you might transfer to them... I giggle at the thought of a frog with swine flu...)