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Published:January 21st, 2010 16:47 EST
Two Neighborhoods and Nicotine Gum Commercials

Two Neighborhoods and Nicotine Gum Commercials

By Prince Nelson Balina Omukisa Yiga

You can see the billboards on the freeway. A girl with a stick of cigarette with a sign of a red X crossing through it. They are found in all areas in the poor neighborhoods where Televisions are switched to HI-Hop Music and in rich neighborhoods every channel turned on they come once in a while. Do the commercials and the gum really work for both neighborhoods the same way? I asked myself. No they do NOT.

And though you find the commercials talking to the same people, the hypothesis of how the delivery of the services are is way different than what it is supposed to be. The point is for the nicotine patients to buy the product, take it and buy more till the shelves run dry.

I have never smoked nor inhaled and have tried to stay away from smokers. Smoking is addictive like any other habits including but not limited to alcohol, sex, drugs and so on. It starts off normally with a desire to feel good, sometimes peer pressure from friends and then it gets where you want more experiments and later a habit and then into an addiction and a disease that later needs a counselor and a method to either slow down or quit. 

One of the main products on the market advertised today is Nicotine Gum. The Advertisement has worked more than it has cured many smokers. The better reason to explain why it has worked so well is the information of the methodology of how it works. 

There are advantages of Nicotine and disadvantages but as I know I will weigh in on the advantageous side of the brand.

It is believed that Nicotine will always provide you with a part of the smoking you desperately crave for without having any smoke. This brings some gratification to oral satisfaction in replacement to real cigarettes. It also helps because then one does not have to kill everyone around them. It also brings some room for work helping the employer to have less smoke breaks. 

Nicotine gum is believed to help the patient stay on the program longer bringing the physical component of addiction not to drastically bring early withdrawal. This seems to be good because then one does not have to be falling in and out of therapy. 

It is as well believed to be the cheapest journey to recovery per searches This means it is affordable to anyone who would want to quit smoking something that can work not only in rich or high end neighborhoods but we can see smoking around the children in low and inexpensive neighborhoods having a relief. 

As always in advertised products, there is always a side they do not mention as much and the same applies to Nicotine gum.

It is mentioned by research that Nicotine unlike inhaled ones if not taken in the right amount can cause side effects, however you can slowly or chew as fast your gum to reach your goals.

The side effects if not used correctly not mentioned in the commercials are that you should NOT chew Nicotine gum with any beverage or food, because you will likely fall ill.

I have lived in both rich and poor neighborhoods and you would be surprised how tough it is in the poor neighborhoods for people to even try quitting when they see the commercial. The only reason one would quit in the poor neighborhood is when there is not enough money for cigarettes and not enough puffs to share with other friends. 

In rich neighborhoods however, the quitting comes as a result of the wife getting tired of smelling the smoke when she gets a kiss or a son becoming addicted to more smoking thus creating a desire to try something new. In this case, counseling and some other alternatives may apply and the difference is some have enough funds to help them quit and the other do not have. But the problem is the same. Both neighborhoods do have a smoking problem.

It is also believed that one should not chew it super fast in a bid to race to the line while bulking. And vice versa. You should not take long into chewing your next chewable as you will likely become irritable bringing me to my question as to why one would want to take that cheap shot that look complicated to quit smoking? What happened to the will of desire when one just said, I give up and they stick to their guns?

As in all commercials, The Thrive gum I watched on YOUTUBE lures us to the product through a series of items we like. It starts by showing a musician with a guitar, a beautiful nice woman and a man on a motorcycle, which changes the attitude to the time when the packet of Thrive shows up.

Not bad for 29 seconds commercial, however, all in all I do know quitting by a desire and will is the best road to preventing addiction and beating a habit. Reason I say that is, with nicotine still entering your lungs and your already decayed gum taking in more parasites and at a faster rate since the gum is stuck in your mouth, causes more hazardous effects to a quitters health and so I choose to spread the quit by will and faith messages to all those that desire to quit.