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Published:March 14th, 2010 01:02 EST
Confessions of a Former Child

Confessions of a Former Child

By Ernest Dempsey

I recently finished reading Daniel J. Tomasulo`s Confessions of a Former Child (Graywolf Press, 2008) and reviewed it for Book Pleasures. The book masterfully correlates the psychological conditions of adult life with the childhood experiences and shows how our childhood relives in our adult lives in a slightly different form. The fourth chapter, also titled Confessions of a Former Child as the book, Dr. Tomasulo narrates from his childhood life how he stopped eating all food containing seeds after his mother tried to explain her pregnancy to him by saying that it all starts with a seed. It took some effort and a more aware friend`s explanation for the boy to be relieved of his seed sickness ". And years after, while treating one of his patients, he had to use the same sentence to start an explanation. 

Throughout its length, Dr. Tomasulo`s book does a wonderful job of illustrating the importance of meaningful dialogue with others, that of a monologue, and of a dialogue within one`s mind " playing roles to bring up for conversation something important that was never satisfactorily resolved or taken up in the life before. In a most touching chapter, the author shows how he indulged in a self-dialogue by taking the role of his mother and himself at the same time.

Another fascinating aspect of the book is the author`s depiction of the role of dreams in one`s psychological health. As he child he used to dream about a puzzle that he wanted to complete but each attempt of his blocked the only available beam of light coming from beneath the puzzle. It was a kind of trade-off between light versus victory. The paradox, however, as he shows, is that letting the light come is the real victory. So he chose to be the source of light in the lives of others and of himself. And that completed the puzzle of the real meaning of success.

Dr. Tomasulo`s writing style is breathtaking, with an eye for the selection of most engaging life events, and his talent of involving his reader in what he is saying at any moment complements his expertise as a psychodrama trainer. Confessions of a Former Child is a highly recommended for everyone who values psychological health, personal growth, family, and the good things in life.

ISBN: 978-1555974992