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Published:April 7th, 2010 18:47 EST
prescription drugs

Adults Are Hooked On FarmVille, Their Kids Are Hooked On Prescription Drugs

By Robert Paul Reyes


"Pharma parties, where kids get together to share drugs pilfered from their parents` pill bottles, have been a known phenomenon for only a few years, experts say. But the phenomenon is getting worse.

prescription drugsA study released this month by the Partnership for a Drug-Free America shows that 63 percent of American teenagers in grades nine to 12 believe prescription drugs are easy to steal from their parents` medicine cabinets, up from 56 percent last year."

We are all familiar with the Facebook game FarmVille, every time I check my Facebook page, there`s at least one reference to the popular game.

We all know FarmVille addicts, but there are many parents who aren`t familiar with an addiction that`s really dangerous. Kids are getting addicted to prescription drugs, and they feed their addiction by swiping drugs from the family medicine cabinet.

When I was in grade school, the girls had innocent slumber parties and the guys got together to read comic books and traded baseball cards.

But the "in thing" today is "pharma parties", where kids share prescription drugs they stole from their parents.

Responsible parents take great pains to make sure that their children don`t get into trouble when they are online. They supervise their children when they are online, and they install software that will block questionable Web sites.

But these same responsible parents keep narcotic prescription drugs in unlocked medicine cabinets. They don`t keep track of how many pills are in the bottle, they would have no idea if their children are stealing a couple of pills every now and then.

Swiping dangerous drugs from the medicine cabinet is as easy as stealing candy from a baby. Parents need to lock up their prescription drugs, and have a long talk with their children about the dangers of prescription drug addiction.

It`s middle school and elementary school children who are attending pharma parties, we need to educate our children about the dangers of drug addiction at a very early age

Stop playing Farmville, and do some research online about the symptoms of prescription drug abuse, so you will know if your child is attending pharma parties.

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