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Published:May 27th, 2010 09:00 EST

Many Supplements Contain Toxins

By Robert Paul Reyes


"Nearly all of the herbal dietary supplements tested in a Congressional investigation contained trace amounts of lead and other contaminants, and some supplement sellers made illegal claims that their products can cure cancer and other diseases, investigators found.


The levels of heavy metals - including mercury, cadmium and arsenic - did not exceed thresholds considered dangerous, the investigators found. However, 16 of the 40 supplements tested contained pesticide residues that appeared to exceed legal limits, the investigators found." Read More

It makes me want to hurl when I see folks clad in warm-up suits and clean sneakers walking purposefully down the grocery aisles filling their shopping carts with fat-free foods, natural foods and dietary supplements.

I give these health freaks a wide berth as I fill my cart with potato chips, cookies, donuts, bacon, steaks, and all manner of food products that are sinfully good.

This is America, the land of milk, honey and Colossal Burgers. It`s simply un-American not to eat a double-decker bacon cheeseburger at least twice a week. My blood pressure will skyrocket if I abstain from such culinary delights.

I am frankly deliriously happy that health nuts who pile their grocery carts with dietary supplements are the ones who are eating products that pose a health risk.

A burger may be dripping with grease, but at least it doesn`t contain lead and arsenic. Health fanatics need to throw away their dietary supplements, and stock their fridge with hot dogs, hamburger meat, sausage patties and bacon.

Writing this essay has made me hungry, I think I`m going to grab some potato chips.

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