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Published:July 24th, 2010 20:24 EST
Happy Birthday 2010

Happy Birthday 2010

By Ernest Dempsey

July 24th wasn`t going to be fun this year, I knew, as my ears had rung something unusually heavy a few days ago. Actually, as I love to do, I would like to throw it all on the bath I took at home during my latest visit to my family in Hangu. The moment I came out of the bath, I felt something was not okay with my ears. You see people reprove my habit of avoiding the shower for weeks (in summers) and months (in winter). Why can`t they see that my Exceptionally Annoying Radar System (EARS) won`t stand this free physical contact with water? So it was that bath!


Remembering my last visit (first in life actually) to an ENT (Ears Nose Throat) specialist, the other evening, I tried to kill the goliath of ear clogging with a few drops of soda glycerine shot from the slingshot called ".soda glycerine bottle, what else? I hope it would work. And it did "whatever path was open heretofore was closed and my ear felt like a jet airport where the fighters of my own voice landed every now and then. Ah! It was inevitable to see the doctor now, and I knew the pain it had caused me last time, followed by a lasting relief. So I had to see a doc on my birthday. Very well!


Taking my breakfast on this special day, I felt like mines were being blasted in my left ear. Every mouthful was a trial. Left is always such a mess! " I said to myself. I am sure the left ear heard it but thankfully, it didn`t snap back. After all, it was my ear!


Paying the bill, I went ahead to ask about an ENT at the nearest medical clinic. They didn`t seem to know what that was. I pointed to my ear and said I got trouble here. " The attendant shook his head and told me they hadn`t got any doc for this thing. Good! " I felt some relief (prospective pain was hanging on my head) and reminded myself that my birthday wasn`t going to be with a jet fighter airport. So I hired a cab and went to the Rehman Medical Institute in Hayatabad.


As I went in to see the doctor, I was nervous. But he turned out a considerate person (sitting without a sword pointing at his patients). I knew what he was going to do, and he did. If you want to know how I held out while he removed the clogged wax in my ear, just go to YouTube and search for Charlie Bit Me ". Watch the elder kid and that`s me!


Finally, when he showed me the wax ball pulled out of my ear, I almost shrieked. Man! How could this size of a blob grow in my ear (which now felt open and quite relaxed)? I wondered if he`d wrap it up for me as a birthday present, should I tell him that it was my birthday. My kids (if they ever happened to be) would like to play with it their first soccer match. Thanking the doctor, I exited the hospital, feeling light and free. And it goes without saying that I requested the doc to leave treating the other ear for the next week.


Driven to the chemist in a cab, I touched my left ear lightly and felt sorry for not taking care of it. Yet, I thought this visit was the birthday gift I could give myself- the gift of health.