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Published:July 24th, 2010 12:05 EST
fat lady

Should Fat People Be Taxed?

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Marco Wanderwitz, a conservative member of parliament for the German state of Saxony, said it is unfair and unsustainable for the taxpayer to carry the entire cost of treating obesity-related illnesses in the public health system.

fat lady

`I think that it would be sensible if those who deliberately lead unhealthy lives would be held financially accountable for that,` Wanderwitz said, according to Reuters.

Germany, famed for its beer, pork and chocolates, is one of the fattest countries in Europe. Twenty-one percent of German adults were obese in 2007, and the German newspaper Bild estimates that the cost of treating obesity-related illnesses is about 17 billion euro, or $21.7 billion, a year. Read more

Obesity is an epidemic in most Western countries, and we must take strong measures to wipe out obesity.

We can begin by referring to obese individuals as "fat", this is the perfect word to describe them. They aren`t horizontally challenged, Rubenesque or Big and Beautiful, they are simply fat.

We must stop coddling fat people, and impress upon them that they are a tremendous burden on society. Why aren`t ministers railing against the vile sin of gluttony? Could it be because they don`t want to offend most of the faithful in their congregations?

We must seize every opportunity to make fat people pay a price for their gluttony. Airlines should make fat people pay a hefty surcharge, and buffet restaurants should charge them triple what a normal person pays. Yes, I`m implying that it`s not normal to be fat.

Marco Wanderwitz is right, we should tax fat people. It is unfair and unsustainable for taxpayers to subsidize the profligate lifestyle of fat people.

There are a few fat people who can blame genes or a medical condition, but the vast majority of fat people have only their insatiable appetite to blame. Fat people don`t need sympathy or recognition as an oppressed minority. They need to take responsibility for their obesity, and eat less and exercise.

Is there an American politician with the guts to call for a "fat tax"?

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