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Published:September 18th, 2010 13:31 EST

Artificial Ovary Gives Fertility Hope To Cancer Patients

By Robert Paul Reyes


"An artificial ovary that can mature human eggs could lend new hope to women whose fertility is at risk from cancer treatments, scientists claim.

The ovary, which was created in a laboratory from cells donated by hospital patients, can mimic a real ovary by growing over the eggs and allowing them to mature.


The researchers said the breakthrough could allow eggs to be taken from women before they were exposed to chemotherapy or radiation and then developed in the artificial structure." Read more

Some religious people are against this medical breakthrough, they feel that the doctors are playing god. Religious myths and superstitions simply have no place in science or medicine. We shouldn`t allow religious Neanderthals to stall the advance of human knowledge. Our knowledge of science and technology is increasingly exponentially, and in a couple of generations we will seem god-like in our ability to control the direction of our evolution. That`s not physicians playing god, we are simply destined to be the masters of our evolution. In a few decades we will be able to say: We have met God, and we are Him.

Some non-religious folks are also against this fantastic development, they argue that in an overpopulated world, we should be seeking ways to control population, not increase it. They contend that women who are incapable of having children should adopt.

I agree that overpopulation is a serious problem, and I hope that within my lifetime every country that`s overpopulated will follow China`s sterling example, and limit every couple to one or two children.

But we should all be grateful that an artificial ovary will allow cancer patients to bear children. As long as a woman who already has a bunch of kids doesn`t make use of an artificial ovary to have one more child, we shouldn`t worry.

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