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Published:June 29th, 2008 13:12 EST
More is more in world-class garden design

More is more in world-class garden design

By SOP newswire

By Cindy McNatt

There are myriad principles that a world-class garden designer must keep in mind, such as site, setting, structure, style, movement and, finally, the choice of plants. Backyard gardeners might think that they could never achieve a designer look without first spending years studying these rules.

But there is one simple principle that anyone can employ: If once is good, doing it again is better.

Or, more is more.

In design circles, it`s called repeating. Others with more adventurous vocabularies call it echoing. If one of something looks fabulous, five, nine or even 21 is bound to wow visually. Just remember: Odd numbers look more pleasing to the eye than even numbers.

Whether your design medium is large Chinese urns or many small shade trees, you are creating a pleasing pattern that draws the eye into the entire depth of the scene.

You have seen this principle applied in commercial settings and public spaces. Giant terra cotta pots planted with single-specimen trees such as bird of paradise line the sidewalks of many shopping centers.

And while this might appear a tad sterile to you, in an intimate garden setting, the concept may be just the right amount of a designer touch conveying sophistication.

Some ideas:

*Hang at least three vintage chandeliers or lanterns from the branches of a tree.

*Plant outdoor flags all in a row.

*Place identical terra cotta pots with equal spacing between them.

*Line a walkway or fence with three to five of the same tree or shrub.

Source: The Orange County Register