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Published:August 26th, 2009 11:56 EST

That Wascally Wabbit

By Talia Nunez

Even though this gardening season has been lackluster, to say the least, I still have PESKY animals that help themselves to my veggies. This year I have two rabbits that frequent my squash and compost heap. So, I heard that if you set up chicken wire around your garden that will keep them away. Personally that sounds like a great idea to me because you do not have to lay or spray anything that could mess with the soil. I also heard that sprinkling chili powder deters the "wascally wabbits`. 


When my husband and I had a problem with stray cats that would use our garden as their litter box we sprinkled some pepper around. And, that definitely deterred them. We also added some mulch around the area they liked to "use`. They did not like stepping on the mulch. Two easy natural deterrents "problem solved!


And, lastly I hear of lots of complaints about deer. I have heard of people putting rotten egg around but I could not imagine having to smell that every day! Eck! I also hear that blood meal is a good deterrent. It is also known to be a good fertilizer. You can pick that up at your local garden center. And, yet again, they do not like trying to get over chicken wire. So, creating a physical barrier could prove helpful with deer also.


Finally, I find that many of these animals do not like hot and spicy things so you can make a pepper or jalapeño spray and spray it around your garden. It is funny the only veggies this year that the rabbits have not helped themselves to are the jalapeños. J


In summary, to deter:



  • create a physical barrier with chicken wire
  • sprinkle some chili powder
  • spray a jalapeño spray



  • sprinkle pepper
  • cover the area with mulch



  • use blood meal
  • spray a jalapeño spray
  • create a physical barrier with chicken wire



My Super Easy Jalapeño Spray

1 jalapeño



Wrap the jalapeño in tin foil. Roast the jalapeño in the oven at high heat (like 425 degrees). Or you can roast it on the grill while you are cooking something else. I roast it for about 15 to 20 minutes.


Put it in a blender with about 1 ½ cups hot water (you could use boiling hot water). Blend the heck out of it. Sometimes if I do not roast it long enough it is too chunky to spray. If it is, then just strain it then put it into a spray bottle. And, use at your discretion! J