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Published:July 20th, 2006 19:21 EST
This is Your World Now - With Hillary Joines Vol. 3

This is Your World Now - With Hillary Joines Vol. 3

By Hillary Joines (Student Broadcaster)

I'm Hillary Joines and this is your world now...Going Going Ghana...Yacky, Yack, Let's All Talk Back...and Check Out Hilites!  Global Learning Projects From Around the World...all this straight ahead brought to you by and

Global SchoolNet – Linking Kids Around the World! 

Going, Going, Ghana!

Global SchoolNet, Oracle Education Foundation and Circuit City joined together to award Harry Konnor Tetteh from Cape Coast, Ghana with a brand new laptop computer and accessories – for his outstanding work in the ThinkQuest and CyberFair international programs! 

No obstacle was too much.  

Harry went without meals for days, trekked 12 miles to send email at an Internet café and even dodged deadly cobras – just so that the students of Ghana could connect with youth around the world!  

Hats off to Harry! 

Yacky, Yack, Let’s All Talk Back!

Successful collaborative learning requires good content, reliable partners, and the right tools!  

Global SchoolNet is pleased to tell you about a very cool new tool we discovered called YackPack.  

YackPack uses the power of human voice to build relationships! YackCasting allows a pack of people to create messages anyone can hear via the web. It's like an online talk show, featuring various yackers in their own voices.  

Come on now - Let’s all start global yacking! 

Check Out Hilites! Global Learning Projects from Around the World!

The world will be a LOT less FLAT when you join Global SchoolNet’s Hilites news list

to find out about awesome learning projects from around the world! 

For example,  

If you had to evacuate your home due to an impending natural disaster, and you are allowed to bring ONE and only ONE thing - what object WOULD you bring?  

Think about your most PRIZED possession! 
* Why is that object so dear to you?  
* Is it a family heirloom?  
* Does it remind you of a happy time? 
* Does it have a monetary value? 
* Is it something your family needs to survive? 

Kids worldwide ages 7 to 18 are invited to share their “most prized possession.” 

It’s your world now! 

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